Georgie Fisher Record Release Party this Saturday – with her friend the devil in attendance

Georgie Fisher is an amazingly gifted singer-songwriter originally from Australia who has made her home in Berlin, via London. She’s quickly made a name for herself here as a musician and as a singer and songwriter who’s not afraid to take it to the streets – howling out her brand of blues-folk before the East Side Gallery and elsewhere around the city. With a style that’s all her own, conjured up through her rhythmic acoustic guitar, a voice that sounds like whiskey and tobacco dipped in honey, and songs that are naked and inventive both – even while drawing on a strong tradition of blues, folk and something else…She’s celebrating a brand new record release together with video premiere by acclaimed Berlin video artist Rob Grant in Prachtwerk this Saturday 26th and we bid, no we beg, you to come and help us celebrate the arriving of a major new talent.

The culmination of her time spent making and playing music in Berlin, Georgie’s debut full-length album Big City Howl has its roots firmly planted in the German capital’s dirty streets, wasted train stations, smokey bars and scarred buildings. After a move from London to Berlin two years ago, Georgie has carved out a niche for her unique brand of music: it’s gritty, honest, and full of soul, a reflection of her newly found home.

Bits and pieces of her life’s story fit together riff by riff, beat by beat, track by track

Traces of Georgie’s influences can be found throughout BIG CITY HOWL: Gil Scott-Heron’s veridicality in its lyrics, Lauryn Hill’s soul in its vocals, and Patti Smith’s attitude in its spirit. Nevertheless the album is Georgie’s own — bits and pieces of her life’s story fit together riff by riff, beat by beat, track by track, and from it we learn more than words alone could ever tell.

We fight the establishment. We fall in love on Sunday in July

We meet past lovers, family, and old friends. We fight the establishment. We fall in love on Sunday in July. We move to a new city; stories drawn not only by guitar, upright bass, drums, and organ but told with a unique voice.Recorded live at Paul Lincke Studios in Kreuzberg, BIG CITY HOWL is Georgie’s second studio release following her 2013 EP, Playground.

The album will be released worldwide on the 26th of September 2015

To celebrate the release of BIG CITY HOWL, Georgie Fisher will host a record release party at Prachtwerk in Neukölln on Saturday the 26th of September from 7pm. The launch party will host a performance by Georgie, accompanied by her full band, as well as the first public screening of the music video for her song, After Midnight. Local singer-songwriter Laura Guidi will be the night’s supporting act.

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