Show review // The Frowning Clouds

 It would be an understatement to say that 60’s rock-inspired group, The Frowning Clouds, have a sound to be envious of.  Smoothly written lyrics are combined with swirling melodies and fuzzy guitar to evoke a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Rebellious garage-pop isn’t a new concept, but they definitely do it well. Last week I stopped by Crystal Club to witness them live, and it was probably one of my favourite shows so far this year. The Mentalettes were the opening act, and the crowd was buzzing. Throughout the crowd you could spot several bowl-cuts, 5 panel caps, cut off denim vests and there was seemingly someone in the front row dressed as ‘Old Gregg’. Needless to say the band played flawlessly, even though Jake was barefoot and mentioned that he felt like he was ‘ going to spew.’ The band is currently signed onto Saturno Records. For more info visit their Facebook page here.

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