Four Track on Stage in Schokoladen with Nick Ferrio and Donna Stolz

Nick Ferrio Photo Credit Petra Gorisek

Traditional Four Track on Stage at Schokoladen where every second Wednesday of each month a marvellous concert takes place.

Last Wednesday indieberlin attended the evening of Nick Ferrio and Donna Stolz. Stars from the glittering of the mirrorball lightened up the ceiling sky and the intimate stage shone in reds and blues. Summertime is an interesting season, the long days are keeping us on a fast pace and bringing us into the late evenings without noticing it. The appeasement begins with the first twilight and that is the time of magic, the time to attend a concert, to go to the theatre, to eat something delicious, to drink a glass of wine, to hug somebody or just to let it be.

The concerts at Schokoladen starts sharp at 8 pm due to the live curfew but unfortunately that’s still the full daylight pushing us running around. Our mindset is not ready yet to have a seat and to calm down. That’s maybe the reason why the concert’s attendance at Schokoladen is never uncomfortably crowded, the public know why they came, why they slowed down their summer day prematurely and that’s why those concerts are something special, with the amazing energy and first-class music.

Wonderful Donna Stolz lit the stage up first. Young and talented, the Berlin based performer has been presented on Berlin’s stages over the last seven years since she moved to this lively and musically diverse city. Before that she had spent two years in America – Pacific Northwest and Seattle – to which is she still very attached and where she likes coming back to. In the last few years of being between those cities she has built strong ties – warm friendships and great musical collaborations – that inspire her, enrich her with their stories and make her grow musically.
The stories of life, energy, nature and the power of the ocean, mindful connections and brief encounters are ingredients of songs wrapped into a gentle country music with a hint of indie–ballad.

On that Wednesday and on that stage she was initially quite excited as she secretly admitted, but then as the strings of her guitar resonated everything fell into place. We could enjoy every bit of her songs and the stories that she shared with us. She told us the story of her banjo, her special instrument that she got two years ago from a friend in an exchange for another instrument and since then it’s a trademark of her performance. She told us about her love to the ocean and the story about her dearest friend and that’s what make a connection between her and the audience even stronger. Her authenticity and years of being musically present on events such as at Schokoladen or events on Weserstraße, at Melodica Festival and Down by the River or cooperation with Kat Frankie are building her musical persona and developing acknowledgment among audience that are slowly catching her flow.

In nice company the time always passes by so fast. The day suddenly turned into twilight – the magical zone – and Nick Ferrio took the stage. An amazing country singer–songwriter with an incredible sense of humour that he so naturally brings into his performance. His repertoire consisted partly of the songs from the new – in May – released album Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsong: Hide My Love, Come Hell or High Water, Mirrorball Shine, At My Window are some of them, each of them accompanied with a funny, usually true story.

Just as for Donna, also for Nick life is one of the main inspirations for his lyrics but his muse remains Love because “Love is the greatest power of our lives” as he said. Nick Ferrio – a Canadian musician best known from his part in the Burning Hell band as the bass guitarist – firmly build his solo musical steps with his more than convincing performance and excellent country coloured songs. If for someone the country music could have a negative connotation is Nick Ferrio the musician who is able to change that view and to pull you even closer to it.

It was another great evening spent!

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And don’t forget, this Friday, July 17th there is the 25th Anniversary of the Schokoladen – so called 25 years of Alternative Culture & Cheap Beer! – it would be a true pity to miss a plenty of good music and alternative vibes

See you there!
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