indieberlin’s Noel Maurice plays support for Red Ink on the 19th June

Noel Maurice: Tricky/Dylan/Waits. Indiefolk and Antipop.

„Cool, stylish“ – 030Berlin „Hitverdächtig“ – Zitty „Klassischer Rockpop“ – Intro

 „Standing on the street corner howling the blues until the butler comes.“

 Noel Maurice is an old face on the Berlin music scene. After being involved in the early setting up of internationally renowned arthouse Tacheles, he has ploughed his indiefolk furrow since sometime in the 90s through the clubs and bars of Berlin and its environs – while playing the odd gig back in the UK too – Noel has watched from street level as Berlin changed around him, and his songs tell the story: The story of his path through the wild and alcoholic squat days of the 90s to the zeroes and the questions that arise from the aftermath and watching as some people didn’t make it back from the edge.

 A large part of Noel’s artistic mien through the years has been street music – he sees street music as the most honest performance arena: „If you’re not entertaining, you don’t get paid, period.: And at his estimate has performed over the years to over 10 million people. „And made at least two million people smile.“ He also uses his street performances to collect new fans and to sell his CDs.

 Noel’s songs have always been straight and to the point. With influences ranging from Tom Waits to Tricky, pausing to nod to Bob Dylan and Paul Simon on his way through, Noel’s music has always been about the songs, the words as important as the chords.

 While his first band in the 90s featured tea chest bass, malfunctioning drum machines and a broken accordion, he later moved into lofi electro folk, before returning in the mid-zeroes to a more conventional line-up of guitar, bass and drums.

 While Noel is working on a new line-up that will include guitar, cello and beatbox, Noel will perform on the 19th June at indieberlin @ Neue Kammerspiele as a duo with old sidekick, American guitarist Allen Devine, as opening act to touring Australian indierock band Red Ink.

 Noel maurice – who played through the 90s and until the late zeroes under the artist/band name Idiotchild – has released two albums and a number of EP’s on Sleepwalk Discs, London label Incinerate Music and on Indieberlin Records. Recently signed to Berlin label Monstermusik, he is working on a new album to be released in Autumn 2013. After taking a couple of years off playing live to bring up kids, help launch, and work on his first book Daylight (Again) (about his time in the 90s East Berlin underground / squat scene), the 19th June sees him returning to the stage.

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