indieberlin Interview: Red Ink // win 1×2 tickets for their gig on the 19.06.

Red Ink are the brilliantly energetic indie rock band out of Australia that has been wowing audiences across the US and Europe over the last months, most recently getting everyone dancing at Carrera Klub in Berlin – now indieberlin has the pleasure to present them live at indieberlin @ Neue Kammerspiele on the 19th June. We caught up with them after their successful Carrera Klub gig and asked them about German girls, falling drummers and small towns.

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Ib: what bands do you get compared to? People tell us alot of things.. They think we sound a little bit like The Killers, or Phoenix.. and that we look like Midnight Oil or INXS.. We just think we look/sound like Red Ink

Ib: what do you think is striking about the Berlin audience? We were expecting them to be a little bit `too cool for school`but they actually turned out to be pretty awesome! People were dancing, singing along and having a blast!

Ib: would you rather play big cities or smaller towns? We don’t have a preference.. the big cities are amazing because there’s a larger population to come and enjoy the shows. That said; the country towns can be more appreciative and crazier in many cases as it’s much less frequent that an international band tours their town.

Ib: what was your funniest concert experience? Haha I remember watching our drummer fall off the back of the stage during a drum solo once.. that was pretty funny!!

Ib: with what band do you wish to share the stage? There’s too many to name, but our dream line up of current bands would include Bloc Party, Phoenix, Kashmir and perhaps Mew. John’s a massive fan of Kylie Minogue too so maybe her as well!! haha

Ib: Germany compared to Australia is like … Touring Germany has been really interesting because like back at home; the crowds are pretty crazy, but one major difference we’ve found is that here, everyone wants to come party at the end of the show.. We’re not used to being out til 4 or 5 am every night. Back home you play, have a drink and go to bed. Germans love their beer.

Ib: what’s your favourite school’s out song ever? Ooh when we were in highschool, we were listening to a bit of Blink 182 so probably Dammit..

Ibsubculture goes suburbia – makes you think …
Every town we’ve visited here in Germany regardless of it’s size has had a really healthy `sub culture`of young guys and girls who love new music and having fun!! It’s inspiring to know that people, regardless of where they live, are always searching for new and interesting art.

Ibwhat buzz word pops into your mind when you think of indieberlin? Bowie.. or Iggy. Club Mate (although i can’t stand the taste)
Ib: has anything weird happened to you in Europe (so far …)?
Haha yes! It’s quite the culture shock being in a country where English is not the first language.. The local women have been using this trick to their advantage lots and it gets pretty weird 😉

Ibdo you speak any German? What would be your chat-up line for a German girl? We’ve been taught bits and pieces, mostly greetings and the like.. Re chat-up lines, the most successful tactic has been to say `GDAY`in our most Aussie sounding accent possible.. Apparently it works.. just sayin’….

Anyway, thanks for having us and hope to see you at the show on the 19th June. Peace.


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