Darling Boy gets asked things by indieberlin, he’s also live at Neue Kammerspiele on the 15th November – win tickets here

Mark Ellen summed Darling Boy up so well that I can’t do better: “…powers down the track in a steam-filled blaze of colour and stops at all the best stations between The Small Faces and Oasis.” Darling Boy is one of those legends that really should be incredibly famous by now. In our excitement at having him play at our indieberlin @ neue kammerspiele concert series in Kleinmachnow on the 15th of November with Minitimer Katzenposter (subtle plug haha). If you sign up to our mailing list and write to us at win@indieberlin.de then you can win two pairs of tickets to the show…

We collared Darling Boy digitally to answer some questions. And boy did he answer them…

ib: you have big names in your fan base (and after the 15th of November, you’ll definitely be able to add indieberlin to the list too 🙂 – who have you shared the stage with before?

Hurrah! Thanks, guys 🙂 I’ve been lucky enough to share a stage with Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols, Spizz Energi, The Boys and Duncan Reid (who I still play with), Robbie Tart of the Vibrators, Neil Hannon – The Divine Comedy, Matt Taylor of Dry The River who is a very old mate of mine, TV Smith… The list goes on! It’s not a bad life at all!

ib: what do you think about the bitch fest of Miley Cyres, Sinead O’Connor and …. now Sufjan Stevens – who should join next or is it time for an open Darling Boy letter?

I think Sinead made a good point in warning Miley not to be directed by the machinations of the male-led music industry, and Sufjan made a good point about good grammar! Amanda Palmer also wrote a brilliant one to Sinead. Miley’s response, poking fun at Sinead’s mental issues was exceptionally poor form, and seemed to be as badly thought out as her newfound image. Licking a hammer does not ring the sexy bells. It makes you look like a twat. It’s a shame that these women seem to think that their bodies are the only way they’ll get attention for their music. It doesn’t have to be done that way – look at Rihanna and Beyonce… Of course they’re attractive but they’ve released a string of the most memorable songs of the last ten years. In a sea of hot bodies desperately trying to wobble and wiggle their way in to our memories its the ones with the songs who have endured. Adele isn’t someone you would put on Page 3 of The Sun necessarily but she has a fantastic voice and writes brilliant songs. It all comes back to the songs, and no amount of waving your arse in Robin Thicke’s crotch will make up for bad songwriting. I doubt Miley will last long at the top, as long as she continues to behave like a spoilt child desperately trying to annoy her parents. Im not sure she is doing her long term career any favours. And poking fun at people’s problems is absolutely not cool. Maybe I will step in, actually. Watch this space, indieberlin!

ib: what are you waiting for and when are you gonna go to sleep?

I’m waiting for the next opportunity, always! I’ll catch up on sleep when I’m dead, I’m sure!

ib: what was your worst stage experience so far?

Once I fell backwards through a fire exit. It got a bigger round of applause than the whole show! Perhaps I should do it more often!

ib: in 10 years you look back and think: _________

I’ve got a lot to be happy for.

ib: black and white or colour?

Black and white. Certainty always.

ib: What do you reply to “punk is dead”?

Absolutely not. Punk is an ethic and sensibility, not a style of music.

ib: what do you think of the brand “punky royal”?

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never heard of them!

ib: what’s your highscore in hopscotch?

It’s been years since I’ve played. I can’t remember. Are there any good places for Hopscotch in Berlin? It’s about time I got back in the hopping saddle.

ib: Thank you very much and we look very much forward to you playing on the 15th of November at indieberlin @ Neue Kammerspiele in Kleinmachnow!

Thank you, guys! Looking forward to playing!

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