Esther Quade – indieberlin interviews berlin’s best kept secret

Esther Quade chats to indieberlin about why, when, and if not then why not

Esther, how would you explain your music to a deaf person?

It´s a sensual journey in ones own space and time.
It´s a memory, a meditation, a dream on the edge of reality.
It´s a thick layer of loving voices on top of the canvas in your favorite colour.
It´s to be held in your grandmas blanket.
It´s a fragile voice in wide open spaces.
It´s like waking up after a nap in the afternoon.
It´s like feeling love.
It´s an modern form of music shamanism 🙂

What questions are you most often asked in interviews?

I am often asked how and why I started making music and who influenced me.

With which other bands would you like to go on tour or to play together with?

The way I see it I could go on tour with any band if they don´t play heavy metal and are cool and easy going 🙂
But I i really want to go on tour with Prince. Hehe 😉

How do you write your songs?

Generally I sit down with my guitar when I hear a “calling” and then the songs just comes: If it´s a good one it comes very easy and can go very fast, other times I need to sit with it for many sessions. These days I have discovered a new form of songwriting: I start with creating a beat on my drum computer and then I just improvising to it. This just opens a whole new era for me.
ALSO I started working with my brother who is very talented as a composer and sometimes I work with some of his material. It´s a whole new experience for me.
And last but not least sometimes the lyrics come to me first. That I find very amusing 🙂

Are there differences between audiences in Germany and those in Scandinavia?

I played in Norway once and there I found that people were very grateful for the music, in a very Nordic way somehow different than in Berlin at least.
I would like to play more in English-speaking countries, I could imagine that people would be reached more directly because of my English lyrics. On the other hand I would maybe be more shy knowing that everybody understands exactly what I`m saying and might notice some of my grammar mistakes 😉

Which band would you like to interview if you could?

Oh totally the above mentioned! Like Prince, Ani Difranco, Fiona Apple, Helge Schneider, Björk, Bach, John Lennon, Kanye West, Lenny Krawitz, Kate Bush.

What is music to you?

Music is so so much to me!
The process of making music is what I live for and keeps me going (at least for now) and creating music, seeing how it comes to life makes me happy and content. When I make music I have no questions about my life and I am in the moment and at peace.

ALSO it´s a wonderful drug, a way to escape the so called reality and a way of meditation, a tool to deal with frustration and emotion. You say things on a deeper level that language can´t express. But most of all it´s simply fun and I love it.
On the downside it´s a lot of work, but at least it´s work that I love.

Tell us something about your new release and when we can see you play live?

March 2011 my latest record “Stretch the coast” was released on my own record company lucky army records.
My new release is almost finished but I have no idea when and how I can put it out.
My dream is to release it next year in a very special record release show.

You can see me at Mitte Rosi on the 21st of July in Berlin Friedrichshain.




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