MERGE – Blanck Mass, Föllakzoid, Mueran Humanos and S S S S at Panorama Bar


Greyzone Concerts have Sacred Bones’ Blanck Mass and Föllakzoid joining up with Mueran Humanos, S S S S, Nur Jaber and Michael next Friday (June 24). They will be playing the Panorama Bar at Berghain for this MERGE event. 

Blanck Mass is the noisy techno solo project of Fuck Buttons Benjamin John Power. His debut album entitled Numb Flesh is particularly violent for unprepared ears. Label mates Föllakzoid have their own cosmic krautrock thing going on and can be as surprising in terms of grating sounds. Perched somewhere in the Andes mountains, between Peru and Chile, they’ve developed quite a psychedelic blend of interminable rock.

S S S S are Blanck Mass’ little brother toying with Brian Eno records

Argentinians Mueran Humanos (dying humans in español) have the most strident sounding songs to offer Friday night. Combine small keyboard notes which peep up and the Spanish incantations they pronounce and you get a gloomy result. S S S S are Blanck Mass’ little brother toying with Brian Eno records. The main performance will be followed by two different DJ sets by Nur Jaber and Michael.

Blanck Mass’ live performance for Culture Box:

Ticket prices for this event start at €22.

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