Dnte explains himself – indieberlin nods enthusiastically

indieberlin talks to Dnte – Hungarian Berlin-based producer of seriously good sounds 

indieberlin: How would you explain your music to a deaf person?

Dnte: Compositions of wonky grooves and enchanting melodies. A mixture of different styles that results in a cinematic sound and surreal atmospheric textures.

 indieberlin: What questions are you most often asked in interviews?

Dnte: What is your working method. What kind of stuff do you use to make music.

 indieberlin: With which other artists would you like to go on tour or to play together with?

Dnte: It would be great to go on tour with Bonobo or play with Tokimonsta, Daedelus, Nosaj Thing. 

 indieberlin: Are there differences between audiences in Germany and those in, say, Hungary?

Dnte: I think we can find differences,  not the same nationality, place and taste.Every different nationality has tis own taste in music.

indieberlin: How do you come up with your music ideas?

Dnte: The things that inspire me are for examle how the birds fly, or how the river ripples. Sometimes I watch how people walk in different tempo, it gives me inspiration for rhytjms. You know, the inspiration just comes from everywhere.

indieberlin: Which band or artist would you like to interview if you could?

Dnte: Nosaj Thing

indieberlin: What is music to you?

Dnte: Music is the perfect language for me to explain my feelings and thoughts. I was enchanted by the colorful depth of the language that music transfers. Music can do what other languages can’t.

indieberlin: Tell us something about your new release and when we can see you play live?

Dnte: I’m glad to inform you that my first videoclip: ‘Could We Dance’ is online


Video by Svenja Trierscheid
Model: Ines LaPrincesse

I will have some new releases soon, like one song on Cascade Records and Resistant Mindz “Closed Expansion” double vinyl on the 4th of June. The Mono Massive – Staletights feat. Mosch ( Dnte remix ) will be available for free download at the end of May or beginning of June by Duzzdownsan Records and recently I have finished a song for Saturaterecords.  Of course I’m working on my new Dnte release too, these 2 songs will be released on 7″ Vynil.

Playing live, you can catch me here.

27.07.12 Dnte,Chris Medleigh @ Casablanca Jena 
28.07.12 Dnte,Chris Medleigh @ Juicybeats Festival Dortmund 

Interview by Noel Maurice

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