Caudal gives us kraut math rock from space. We give you the tickets to get there.

Cranky Booking continues in its mission to bring us bands that demand that they are heard. Not one for the faint-hearted easy listeners among us, if you’re man (or woman) enough then get down to Monarch on Skalitzer Str. 134 in Kreuzberg on the 12th January to check out space/kraut/mathrock trio Caudal. 

If, unititated into the mysteries of space/kraut/mathrock as I am, you may well ask just what the hell that is. If I could help you with that I would, but I too am none the wiser. This would be only the first reason to get down there and see just what the hell this infernal trio are up to. The second of what must surely be a score of other reasons, if I had long enough to think them all up, is that Cranky Booking always delivers bands that  pass their strict lithmus test of originality and spunk. The third of these myriad reasons is that we’re giving away a pair of tickets to do just that.

CAUDAL is a Berlin-based trio featuring Aidan Baker (CA – Nadja, B/B/S/, etc.) on guitar, Gareth Sweeney (IE – Gout) on bass, and Felipe Salazar (CO – Muerte En Pereira) on drums. Baker’s multi-layered, heavily affected guitar overlays Sweeney and Salazar’s driving, propulsive rhythm section creating music equally influenced by krautrock, post-punk, and spacerock. Hence the description.

Write to with the message „Yes! I want more spacekrautmathrock in my life and will do anything to get it!“ and we’ll see what we can do.

Article by Noel Maurice

Caudal gives us kraut math rock from space. We give you the tickets to get there.

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