indieBerlin finissage party, featuring Kitty Solaris, The Jooles, Justine Electra and Bana Banana

indieBerlin Finissage party announcement poster

19th May, save the date…

We feel like throwing a party. A finissage* party. We’re thinking a trendy hotel gallery with burlesque, live musicians, DJs and stunning photography. Does it get any better than that?

It does – when it’s all for free

Yes, that’s right – all this time we’ve had our finest music photographers on display, at the nHow hotel gallery at Stralauer Allee, featuring (deep breath…): Massive Attack, Oasis, Leonard Cohen, Editors, PJ Harvey, HUNDREDS, Thom Yorke, Bloc Party, Blondie, Arcade Fire, Travis, Depeche Mode, Von Wegen Lisbeth, Savages, Lada Redstar, Bana Banal, The Verve, Suede, THE/DAS and more…

In 2017 so far we’ve given away dozens of free tickets, watched hours and hours of thought-provoking cinema, read thousands of pages of books, listened to days and days of good music (literally). Don’t get me started on all the rest (like some crazy burlesque)…

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time we let our collective hair down.

Remember the vernissage? This’ll be the same, but bigger.

Without paying a penny, you can watch the indie legend Kitty Solaris: a hugely popular Berlin artist, with decades of success and an independent record label.

She’s joined on our lineup by The Jooles. This vintage pop outfit released their debut album Moving Memories last year, and since then they’ve been moving and shaking in all the town’s best indie venues.

And if you were unfortunate enough to miss Bananas Dada at Bassy Club recently, never fear. The genius behind it, Bana Banana, is bringing her irresistibly absurd burlesque to our party too.

And to top it all off we’ve got a Q&A with the legendary UK music photographer Michael Spencer Jones. In the beginning was Britpop, and this man was there with his camera. He’s shot some iconic album covers for Oasis and The Verve album covers plus Leonard Cohen and others. He’s full of stories and we’re going to make sure we hear them!

Did I mention it’s free?

Even better, we’re handing out our indieBerlin yearbook as a gift from us to you. Just share the facebook event and you’ll get one as soon as you walk through the door…

One more time:


indieBerlin THE PHOTOS Exhibition Closing Party

Where: nHow Hotel Gallery
Stralauer Allee 3
100m from Warschauer Brücke

When: May 19th, 8pm


Massive Attack, Editors, PJ Harvey, HUNDREDS, Thom Yorke, Bloc Party, Blondie, Arcade Fire, Travis, Depeche Mode, Von Wegen Lisbeth, Savages, Lada Redstar, Bana Banana, Oasis, Leonard Cohen, The Verve, Suede, THE/DAS and more.



It’s all very exciting, almost too much to take in. So in summary: clear the evening 19th May, and get sharing on the Facebook event. And in the meantime, listen to a bit of Kitty Solaris to warm up for the big night…


The Jooles – vintage pop at its best:

Share the facebook event and get a free indieBerlin yearbook!

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