indieberlin visits: Brodinski & LOUISAHHH!!!

Written by: Clémentine Desjonqueres

Brodinski is currently going on his Bromance tour throughout Europe, together with his pal Gesaffelstein. Unfortunately, last Friday G. wasn’t part of the party, but we had the beautiful surprise to see Louisahhh!!! playing before Brodinski. She gave us a delightful set that just triggered our dance pace, being just the kind of dark and rhythmic techno that I love the most. When Brodinski finally showed up, the drunk 19-year-old French students – a population that I am fortunately not used to seeing in clubs usually – was finally overcrowded by the civilized party people that also jumped on the stage behind the DJ. The party quickly got crazy as B.’s mad electric beats hit the crowd, getting everyone out of their own control.

This was my first experience at Gretchen and I was pretty curious about it, because two of my friends would always go there to see their favorite French DJs. Sebastian, Sébastien Tellier and a lot of internationally-known artists would play there in a true party atmosphere, bringing the international party scene to our multicultural Berlin. The location was composed, of a big main floor and a smaller one, as well as two bars and had high ceilings. It is a nice location for known DJs because it gives them the space to receive all their fans. I will definitely check Gretchen’s schedule closely for new shows!

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