Win tickets to: Bonobo Presents OUTLIER – Berlin

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OUTLIER is an international event series curated by Simon Green aka Bonobo. Starting in London on the 12th of March, Bonobo will carefully handpick other producers/DJ’s to perform sets with him, across cities that include NYC and Berlin.

With another album on the way, Outlier will serve as an opportunity for Bonobo to harness his talents not just as a producer, but also as a curator and a moderator of club culture, thus demonstrating his natural relationship with music and showcasing his DJ skills.

At Astra Kulturhaus on the 17th of March, Bonobo will also be joined by fellow DJ’s Matthew Herbert, Dauwd and Peak & Swift. And for this special occasion:

indieberlin raffles 2 tickets: leave a comment or writes to us!

This curation looks too good to loose! Meet us there.

17. 03.2016
Astra Kulturhaus
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

Photo by: Dan Medhurst

Mia Morris is co-founder of indieberlin and a Berlin native. She has been active in the Berlin arts scene since the early zeroes as photographer and visual artist, also under the name Funkyrotic. Mia Morris also runs which specialises in SEO marketing and website optimisation.


  • Reply March 10, 2016

    Sarah Strobel

    Würde die Tickets für Bonobo sehr gerne gewinnen!

  • Reply March 11, 2016

    Patrick Ulrich

    I really want to go to the Bonobo set and win these tickets 🙂

  • Reply March 11, 2016


    Bonobo live wär einfach wunderbar! ❤️

  • Reply March 11, 2016


    Hi there,

    Me me me 🙂 Pleaaaaase, would love to see that guy.

  • Reply March 11, 2016


    Die Tickets wären elefantastisch!

  • Reply March 11, 2016


    I really want to go to the Bonobo set and win these tickets!

  • Reply March 11, 2016


    Salut 🙂
    I saw the announce with Bonobo’s concert and I was very excited. I had the chance to go to his performance a couple of years ago and it was, honestly, one of mine best experiences. I would really appreciate and enjoy the concert if I will have the chance to get the 2 tickets or just one…
    With appreciation and good vibes,

  • Reply March 11, 2016


    Bonobo in Berlin = Amazing Dream!! Please please please! I would do anything to see this show!

  • Reply March 12, 2016

    Dax Gramuglia

    Hey Mia!
    Canadian which relocated to Berlin and would love to be able to attend and invite a friend. Actually a big fan of Dauwds last EP Kindlinn and think it would be amazing to see a juggernaut DJ in Bonobo, as well as what I predict to be a future headliner in Dauwd!
    Plus: I went out last night hoping to get my groove on, and the music was less than inspired. So I am absolutely ITCHING to have dance-induced muscle ache all next weekend! 🙂

  • Reply March 13, 2016

    Soyoon Choi

    Hey I’d be really happy to see bonobo and matthew herbert playing alongside dauwd!!! Saw matthew herbert djing few months back in berghain, mixing his stuff with ghetto house was unforgettable. Never got to have a chance to see Bonobo though, would be nice if you kindly give me the chance for this opportunity as im damn broke 😀

  • Reply March 13, 2016

    Marko Šibenik

    I would really like to see Bonobo and I really don’t want Soyoon Choi get the tickets.

  • Reply March 13, 2016


    Hey HO i would love to see BonoBO 🙂

  • Reply March 14, 2016


    Letztes mal Bonobo vor ein paar Jahren im Gretchen war phantastisch, unbedingt wieder!

  • Reply March 14, 2016

    Wayne Harvey

    If I win these then I will go to the concert in a dress.

  • Reply February 7, 2017


    All my mates are going and I would love to too!

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