Babe Rainbow gives us Aussie sunshine and, well, rainbows – win tickets to their Bi Nuu show this Saturday

The Babe Rainbow are…they’re…it’s difficult to say. If a major label marketing person came up with a brilliant idea to kick off an entirely new trend/genre by delving into the late 60s vibe, with absolutely no sense of sarcasm, no wink to make sure you know that they’re actually kind of joking about this stuff, if they somehow had the balls, and if their bosses had the balls, to just DIVE into that scene and sound and vibe and put it out there, resolutely and with complete conviction; then they might come up with something like the Babe Rainbow.

The thing is, none of that happened. The Babe Rainbow are, you know, like the real deal. Kind of thing. They’re as if they came fully formed from the end of the 60s, bringing with them all the good bits and none of the stupid/crap/cringeworthy bits.

The Babe Rainbow: Dowling, Kool Breeze and Dr Elliot Love-Wisdom – come from northern New South Wales, a product of the green change movement of the early 1970s, which produced the original counter-cultural communities of the area. “There are still plenty of those people still around,” Elliot said in Australia’s “They’re awesome – they tell stories about hitch hiking into Mullumbimby, picking up all these crazy people along the way. They’re beautiful people.”

In the same interview, they carry on: “Yeah, we’re optimistic guys. We’re children of the sun. It’s not a bad feeling around up here. We’re happy.”

Win tickets to see them this Saturday 22nd September at Bi Nuu – write to win (at)!



Noel Maurice is one of the founders of indieberlin. Originally from the UK via a childhood in Johannesburg, he has been resident in Berlin since 1991. Describing himself as a 'recovering musician', he is the author of The Berlin Diaires, a trilogy detailing the East Berlin art and squat scene of the early 90s, available on Amazon and through this site.

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