Show review // Autre Ne Veut

Photo credit // Jesse Jacobs

Brooklyn-based artist Arthur Ashin a.k.a Autre Ne Veut graced us with his presence on Monday at Naherholung Sternchen. Some would say his music is an acquired taste; melancholic, therapeutic, proverbial emotional outpouring.. whatever you want to call it. It’s music that makes you feel as if he’s singing directly to you, yet each track seems to have an unclear, intense hidden-meaning, making it more intriguing with each listen. The vulnerability in his voice is a rare occurrence in today’s music scene, feeling weak isn’t something people usually blatantly showcase. His fully exposed falsetto makes it seem as though you can see into his soul, itself. The show was presented by Shameless Limitless and featured the somewhat confusing and controversial 18+ as an opening act. The turnout was less than I had expected, but the venue was still quite full for a Monday night. The show was completely satisfying, his live performance is exactly what you would expect; like musical therapy, eluding sorrow and anxiety while creating an unspoken meaning which no one really knows but himself. Slow motion video was projected behind him, making the show even more surreal. For more info about Autre Ne Veut visit here.

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