Angel Olsen at Huxley’s New World Preview

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Synth-Folk goddess Angel Olsen has built up one hell of a name for herself over the past few years for making music that’s practically dripping in emotion. She got her start as a backup singer to folk pioneer, Bonnie Prince Billie and began growing her own devoted fanbase with 2012’s haunting, Half Way Home.

Her break out record, 2014’s Burn Your Fire for No Witness, saw her gain momentum as an indie darling with a talent for unflinchingly raw songcraft. She’s been keeping busy: since then she’s released three more studio albums (including 2016’s My Woman, and 2017’s Phases).


Credit @ CameronMcCool

Her sound has evolved, from stripped back folk to orchestral rock n’ roll. Her latest record, 2019’s All Mirrors is a bombastic album that doesn’t hold back on swooningly romantic arrangements (with the help of a 12 piece string section), and seething synths. The result is a startlingly ambitious pop record. At the heart of Angel Olsen’s music is her voice: at once dramatic and vulnerable, and always unmistakably hers.

Then there’s the lyrics she delivers with it, which get stuck in your head like some kind mantra. She’s performing at Berlin’s Huxley’s New World on the 30th of January, and tickets are selling fast. Get there and get in early to check out dreamy support act Hand Habits. Led by Mug Duffy (who’s CV includes playing in Kevin Morby’s band). Expect tender songs and bucolic melodies that’ll get take unexpected turns.

Image Credits @ Cameron McCool

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