Album review – Where Did Nora Go

Where Did Nora Go blows us a little breath of beauty


When Astrid Nora came to start work on this, her new album, she was at the point where it felt right to go back to the instrument that she’d played growing up – the cello.

As luck would have it she was also at this point introduced to the production team of Henrik Marstal & Kasper Rasmussen. It turned out that Marstal also grew up with the cello, and this happy coincidence is what has created the beautiful collection of pieces that have ended up being Where Did Nora Go. The two cellists improvised freely together and recorded the results, with Marstal then threading electronic ambient elements through the result. She contributed keys and wrote melodies and words over the top, and voila. The result is really a thing of beauty – the EP of the album which was previously released has seen bloggers and critics around Europe praising the music to the skies, and I’m sure it’ll be the same with the full-length album.

No less remarkable is her voice – skittering between delicacy and power, threading well-crafted melodies through the sometimes very free, sometimes more structured soundscapes. For the lyrics she drew on Ibsen’s play „A Doll’s House“ – from which story coincidentally her own name came – with its theme of women’s rights in society (quite a shocker at the time apparently).


The album is out January 25th – meanwhile you can listen to the single here:





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