Live Review & Photo Gallery: The Builders and the Butchers shredding it live at Badehaus

Attending a Builders and the Butchers concert has an atmosphere more akin to a family reunion than a hard rock show.

Not in the sense that they don’t rock out, because they most certainly do, as proven  by the number of strings lead singer and guitarist Ryan Sollee broke throughout the night (I stopped counting after the fourth), but because of the wholesome communal vibes gushing from the crowd.

Look below for the awesome live gallery!

These fans knew their Builders and the Butchers discography. In between songs and during the few quiet moments Ryan wasn’t chanting „fuck Ernie Ball“ to bash the strings that just wouldn’t stop breaking, people hollered song titles dating back to their first album. And the band was happy to oblige – after ensuring they all remembered how the tune went, that is.

Something disparate from your average family reunion – or maybe not, depending on your relatives – was Ryan crowd-surfing during the final song. A perfect ending to an equally flawless evening.

Text and images by Cassidy Chreene.

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