Hip-hop from outer space: Lexodus – ‘Schwifty Mission’ – out today!

Lexodus are going on a journey. And it’s one that fans of cult Cartoon Network series Rick and Morty may well be familiar with.

‘Schwifty Mission’, the tongue-in-cheek single from this hip-hop quintet has just landed ahead of their full EP, The Cosmic Show, due to plummet from space straight into your ears on 8th July. It’s a joyous, sunshine-infused track, offering lyrical gems you can’t help but crack a smile at, whether niche references to animated sci-fi comedy are your thing or not.

solid collections of lyric-led, funky hip-hop with an occasional penchant for the peculiar

Originating from London and now based in Berlin, Lexodus have been busy – dropping two albums within the past two years – both solid collections of lyric-led, funky hip-hop with an occasional penchant for the peculiar. This year’s release comes with its own concept: a mysterious otherworldly being who arrives from outer space, only to encounter – you guessed it – an unsuspecting underground rapper.

Mighty Merlin from Lexodus

Mighty Merlin from Lexodus

A peach of a line within the opening few bars of ‘Schwifty Mission’ gives a flavour of what to expect: ‘Cooking up my breakfast / Beans in the pot / I guess this means there’s other beings / Like it or not’. The rough-cut guitar intro quickly launches into a synth-led refrain and you’re carried into the weird and wonderful schwifty world.

Lexodus are clearly a group that likes to have fun, a refreshing reminder that not all rap has to take itself as seriously as many mainstream artists would have us believe.

Their EP launch show takes off at Cassiopeia on July 13th.


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