British Shorts Film Festival 10th Anniversary – the wild, the weird, the wonderful

British Short Film Festival Press Photo

The British Shorts Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.  From the 12th January to the 18th January you can go exploring strange, exciting and new films, workshops, music videos and documentary films. 

Two hundred films in seven days! The British Shorts Film Festival is back with the most exciting, the funniest, the weirdest short films from the rainy island – and of course there’s an award at the end too!

In the past 10 years the British Shorts Film Festival has showed all kinds of films from Great Britain and Ireland. Since 2007 the program has presented the audience with a whole wide world of film and this year is no exception.


Not just feature films

The British Shorts Film Festival presents not only feature films, but also has a wide range of music  videos and documentary films. During the film festival you can also discover concerts, parties, workshops, open screenings, talks and exhibitions.

“There’s no limit!” is the headline of this year’s program. A program that’s is full of everything from drama and comedy through animation and thriller, horror and experimental films.

Early short films and a lot of awards

In the 2017 program there’ll be a range of retrospective early short films by famous British directors such as Andrea Arnold, Stephen Frears, Christopher Nolan, Lynne Ramsey and Ridley Scott.

The program also invites the audience to a 48 hour film workshop, a lot of different open film screenings and a bunch of genres from Sci Fi to comedy. The British Shorts Film Festival will also give out both a jury and an audience award to the best films at the festival. See the full program for the British Shorts Film Festival.

Not afraid of the strange

British Shorts Film Festival has never been afraid of presenting something different. Earlier years have been full of surprises, new ideas and inspiration from the big screen.

The British Shorts Film Festival takes in 2017 place at the Sputnik Kino, Acudkino, Kino Zukunft and City Kino Wedding. You can read more about the film festival, find information and buy tickets for the festival here.



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