indieberlin book review policy

we are actively seeking writers who are either self-published or published through a small press. We delight in receiving ebooks in kindle or pdf formats, we are also happy with hard copies. We accept books in all genres including erotic fiction.

We are currently beta testing a new idea: Since we, like most review sites, are inundated with books to review, and each new book goes onto the top (or bottom) of a digital intray, and since we also know what it’s like as authors to send books out to review and then have to wait weeks or months to hear anything, we have introduced a new option called an INDIEBERLIN SPEED REVIEW. Yes folks, it’s fast, it’s modern, it the latest thing in book reviewing! These reviews do not and will not take the place of in-depth reviews, and they will be labelled as being speed reviews. A speed review would involve our reading a synopsis of the story, the first chapter, and we will delve at random into two places in the book and read from each spot three pages, and write a review based on this. This will be known as an INDIEBERLIN SPEED REVIEW.

If you would like to be considered for a speed review, please let us know when you contact us. This will in no way affect the normal reviewing of the book – if it’s in the in-depth review pile it will stay there… Obviously, the advantage is that while a normal review of the book would take around a month, a speed review can be completed within a couple of days.

When you get in touch please let us know if you’re interested in our posting an excerpt of your book on our site (we post excerpts from longer works every Sunday). We take your agreement to let us do this as permission to post a short extract from your book of our choosing. We will, of course, let you know if we post an excerpt from your book.

And one more thing: We are also as of now instigating a practice whereby all writers who send us books to review are also invited to review books (from our pile) on our behalf. If you review for us, not only does this increase your visibility, boost your writer profile and so on, it also guarantees that your book goes to the top of the pile. Yes, that’s right, reviewers who review on our behalf get their books reviewed first! Fair enough, don’t you think?

Further to this spirit of giving and taking, we also put those writers who agree to our posting of excerpts from their books to the top of the review pile.

When you send us your book to review we’ll also send you an invitation to receive our newsletters, where we post links to our reviews, plus links to articles about self-publishing and all that kind of thing, plus interviews with writers and people working in the self-publishing world. We make the assumption that you’d be interested in that kind of thing…but if you don’t want to receive the newsletter then it’s no problem, just ignore the email request. Okay?

Please include a short bio and any links to information, blogs, etc etc that you can find. Since we don’t like to say bad things about people we will generally post reviews of books that we like. If we decide to review the book we will let you know and request a large file size picture, either of the book or yourself, as you prefer, to accompany the article.

We welcome the odd gentle reminder email asking if we have looked at the book because a) we know how it is and b) it’s always possible that it slipped to the bottom of the digital pile or we didn’t receive it. However, we would appreciate not being bombarded with murders of emails demanding response etc.

Oh and one more thing: Thank you for having written your book, thank you for having finished it, and we thank you in advance for honouring us by sending us your book to read. We appreciate all you have done!

Please send your book and any questions regarding the process please send an email to indielit(@) or to our indieLit editor Laura, at

If you are interested in reviewing books for indieberlin please get in touch!