indieberlin’s first indie book fair – guaranteed to be amazing – get on board!

We’re crowdfunding Berlin’s first ever book fair for indies. Intimate one-on-one readings. The blue pill, the red pill. A book written live by everyone present who wants to be involved. Live performance, workshops, talks. It’s going to be cool. It’s going to be amazing. We need your help to make it happen – follow the link to our indiegogo campain and help out as you can.

Obviously at indieberlin we’re all about all things indie. And indie as in independent art, independent artists, independent minds, independent you name it. We’ve watched what happened with the music industry over the last decade – the collapse of the mainstream, corporate, short-sighted and profit-driven music business model and the levelling of playing fields in a way that gave artists the means to get their music out, get the word out, and get themselves out playing, and able to compete with any big-time name with big bucks behind them.

we’re absolutely delighted to see that the same thing is going on with the book industry

Now we’re absolutely delighted to see that the same thing is going on with the book industry. If trying to get noticed as a musician used to be painful, it was nothing compared to how it was for authors. As a musician you could still get out there and play, stand in front of people and do what you love. For authors it was different. You would sit at home and spend months if not years working on an artwork – a book – which then only had a chance of being read by anyone at all, if you were noticed and picked up by a very small number of publishing companies. And then you could only at best have your book out in the shops for two to three weeks. If they didn’t hit, then that was it, the book was yanked, the option wasn’t renewed, it was over. One in a million chance.

Complete control

Now of course that’s all different. With the advent of the  Kindle and now a number of other e-readers, as well as reasonably-priced print-on-demand companies, you can do the same thing that the bands are doing these days. Anything you write, you can put out onto the digital marketplace. And you can handle your own marketing, your own advertising, your own brand identity and so on. Complete control. And if you want to print up fifty books – or twenty, or ten – you now can: For a reasonable enough price that you can still expect to make a reasonable profit margin.

the revolution is happening right now

But the revolution is happening right now. We’re in the thick of it, we’re at the barricades as we speak. And for that reason it’s only now that indie authors, and all the other people that make indie books happen – cover designers, translators, editors, book marketers and the print-on-demand companies – are beginning to see the need to get together and talk about where we are, what we’re doing, and where we can go from here.

we’re bringing together the independent book world in beautiful, bold Berlin

So indieberlin has decided that it’s time for a book fair. An indie-only book fair. This one is dedicated to the independent creators. Not tagged onto the side of the big mainstream book fairs. In the first book fair of its kind in Berlin, we’re bringing together the independent book world in beautiful, bold Berlin.

it’s not only for writers

The book fair will run over two days, the 7th and 8th November, and it’s not only for writers, it’s also for readers and anyone who’s interested in meeting and reading and listening to the cutting edge of the indie book world.

We need your help to make it happen!

We need your help to make it happen! Go here to help with the crowdfunding campaign and check out our cool perks!

Article by Noel Maurice, author of The Berlin Diaries.

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