Meet the team: Caterina Gili – “A lens is between me and the other”


I started philosophical studies at the University in 2006. I got my degree two years ago. While at the University I always tried to maintain a strict contact with my passion, that I’ve had since I was 16, that’s to say photography; this passion was born trying to work with my father’s 70s Canon camera. That experiment has helped me to grow, professionally speaking and make my skills known in the field of photography so that very soon I was kept in consideration by an important gigs organizer agency. From that time, I started cooperating with national and international magazines and webzines: Rolling Stone, Rockol, il Mucchio Selvaggio, Rockerilla and indieberlin. I have managed to take pictures of international singers and bands like: Radiohead, U2, Depeche Mode, Cranberries, Richard Ashcroft, The Strokes, Florence and The Machine, Peter Doherty and many others. Growing up I got the possibility to work abroad in the photography field in another country. So I started working as photographer assistant in London for the Sunday Times. This professional experience permitted me to work also for the newspaper The Times. I have also experienced being a stage photographer for Sky Television. One year ago I got the opportunity to work for a school of photography in Berlin. It was so interesting, the city and this experience, that I decided to discover what it means to make photography, being a photographer, getting and capturing images and life in Berlin. “A lens is between me and “the other”. I love experiencing authentic and true moments and, within my power, I’d like to keep them from extinction by collecting them in an image.

Mia Morris is co-founder of indieberlin and a Berlin native. She has been active in the Berlin arts scene since the early zeroes as photographer and visual artist, also under the name Funkyrotic. Mia Morris also runs which specialises in SEO marketing and website optimisation.

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