Toast and Jam Vintage Fashion Fair in C-Halle 19-21 January

As all of you fashion victims and perpetrators know, coming up this week it’s Berlin’s annual Fashion Week. What some of you may not yet know however is that parallel to the mainstream Bread and Butter show, we now have another fashion fair that’s dedicated to vintage fashion called Toast and Jam. (Note to self: Don’t write this stuff before breakfast again).

The Toast and Jam fashion fair is being presented by our friends Ex-Berliner magazine and the Flohmarkt Neukölln in C-Halle, straight across from everybody’s favourite disused airport, Tempelhof. And of especial interest to us is that indieberlin’s favourite vintage fashion label Frozen Hibiscus is going to be right there, showing their wares not only to industry visitors (as is the case with so much of the Bread and Butter offerings) but to any lovers of fashion that want to wander in off the street. And not only that, but the stuff is for sale as well – another difference to a lot of the mainstream fashion week offerings.

Things kick off at the Toast and Jam this Thursday at 11am but if I was you I’d get there at 5pm when there’s a fashion show taking place to launch the proceedings properly. The other highlight is the end of the whole shebang, with wihat I’m very sure will be a riotous closing party, commencing at 10pm and featuring special highlight and indieberlin favourite, burlesque performer extraordinaire Lady Lou.


Whoo, now I’m all aflutter, how am I going to hold on until Thursday??

by Noel Maurice



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