Leather look bags from recycled bottles. Possible? Melissa Righi says yes.


I’m back with a new look! After these long, cold and stressful winter months I felt like changing a bit. One of the good things in these months? Winter sale! That’s where I got this wonderful piece.. I always say it’s wrong to be too materialistic. But I have to admit that my heart beat a little bit faster when I finally got my Matt&Nat bag.

I really love the material! It’s unbelievable that this bag is made of recycled plastic bottles. It’s water resistant and really looks like leather. Matt and Nat is an amazing vegan brand, for me the best when it’s about vegan handbags. I will definitely buy other items from Matt & Nat.

I’m not 100% vegan though, because even if I my diet is vegan, I still wear leather shoes and bags. It’s even harder being a make up artist and vegan, unfortunately I use a lot of not cruelty free products. But if it’s possible I take the vegan choice.
Step by step in a cruelty free life 🙂

Article by Melissa Righi
Photos by Alessandro Caracci

Noel Maurice is one of the founders of indieberlin. Originally from the UK via a childhood in Johannesburg, he has been resident in Berlin since 1991. Describing himself as a 'recovering musician', he is the author of The Berlin Diaires, a trilogy detailing the East Berlin art and squat scene of the early 90s, available on Amazon and through this site.

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