indieberlin does the Vogue Fashion Night Out

We went to check out the LNFA event in Bikini Berlin, which was cool. Free French cocktails (read that as you will) and loads of fashion. Fashionistas turned and twirled and twirled again.

What’s completely cool at the LNFA shop is that in one corner there’s a little photo place called “Shots of Art” where you can put on any outfit from their selection of weird and crazy clothes and get photographed. And you can also get your pic on a teeshirt. Check the looks out at the Shots of Art website.

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Downstairs in Bikini Berlin there was the Night Circus, with electroswing DJs, a girl doing weird stuff in a hanging disco ball with white eyelashes; a strongman from the twenties and various strange looking people on stilts (strange in a good way obviously). Throw in a passing old guy who was getting DOWN to the music, everyone doing their best to look funky as fuck and you’ve got the Vogue Fashion Night Out at Bikini Berlin for 2016.

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Noel Maurice is one of the founders of indieberlin. Originally from the UK via a childhood in Johannesburg, he has been resident in Berlin since 1991. Describing himself as a 'recovering musician', he is the author of The Berlin Diaires, a trilogy detailing the East Berlin art and squat scene of the early 90s, available on Amazon and through this site.

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