Berlin Alternative Fashion Week : The Good, the Bad, the Outrageous! Yes, yes, yes!

Berlin alternative fashion week

If you are a Berliner, then you are surely aware of the hype fashion week brings. Every six months, Berlin hosts the official Berlin Fashion Week, where top names in the fashion industry present their latest collections. Among the big names are Lena Hoschek, Guido Maria Kretschmer and Michalsky.

However, Berlin is home to so many up and coming designers and artists who also deserve an exuberant platform to exhibit their work without having to pay over €10,000 just to showcase their designs in the official Mercedes Benz tent. Berlin Fashion week has declined over the years, to the point where- lets face it- is now somewhat of a joke.

I could write pages and pages of the discrepancies between Berlin and its sister Fashion Weeks in Paris, New York, London and Milan; however no comparisons are needed as the official Berlin fashion week is a downward spiral. A perfect example would be the previous designers that no longer take part of the event (queue Hugo Boss and Wolfgang Joop!).

Another example would be the talented Michalsky who instead has opted to create an exclusive fashion event of his own: the Michalsky StyleNite. Although this does take place during Berlin Fashion week, it is a completely independent event.

There is no comparison between Berlin and Paris or London; Berlin is more…grungy? Ghetto? Let`s go with…eclectic. Because Berlin fails to have an artistic platform which reflects the trending authentic Berlin art; credibility and respect in this fashion event has progressively deteriorated- to the point of almost being a joke.

Enter the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. The name says it all.
Alternative: exactly what Berlin is and not what it pretends to be.
Finally a platform was established by Adam Rose which encompasses exactly this.

We were lucky enough to cover the event and meet some of the most interesting and talented upcoming designers.

Upon arrival, we made it just as the Tata Christiane Show was underway. Here a video of the final runway walk with all the looks in the latest collection.

We also managed to grab the designer just after the runway show wrapped up and stole a few seconds of her time:

Maartje Dijkstra:

Rotterdam Based designer whose design included a 3D Print-out dress.
We were lucky enough to get an exclusive with the talented dutch designer:

“The next show was Tzuji and his “Save the Humans” inspired collection.
The designer, Larry Tee is a rockstar all by himself and made us feel fan-fucking-tastic! I wanna party with Larry. Party hard. 😀


His Runway Show was, needless to say: bold, colorful, extravagant, brilliant.


Her designs were- eccentric. The use of colours was bold. I would not really consider this a runway show, more a live performance. You can clearly see that the models are actually dancers- which just brings everything up a notch. The performance lasted for wayyyy too long, but got the house rockin and the music was as brilliant as the show. One word: DAYUUUUM!

Phoebe Heess

The actual clothes were actually well tailored, fitted, futuristic and clean.

An all black palate prevailed; however things got weird when the “villain” was shot to death by flashes. At this point the screen prompted the audience to “finish him with your flash” yet the audience had no fucks to give.This is the perfect example of how a good idea is poorly executed resulting in an overall confusion. Enough said, here the video:

If LSD and Berghain had a magical love child, it would be the last performance of the show by Andrey Bartenev.

The show started with the performers seated among the guests and proceeded to get dressed and perform all in the same place. Dancer slipped into what reminds me of a green, teletubby catsuit and THEN the show really started.

Words will never do it justice, so just enjoy the video and indulge in the perfect music choice.

One word: TOP!!! This performance tops even my wildest dreams. Ive been in the fashion industry for a while now and runway shows were getting stale, boring and overall uninteresting. This blew me away and was definitely the fashion-palate-cleanser needed from the previous show.

In fact it was so stellar, here is a slow motion video, which encapsulates a glimpse of the show.

Finally, a fashion event in Berlin that actually reflects the eclectic Berlin soul. Greatly organized (yet lacking an open bar) the Show definitely got the audiences moving and is definitely a show to look out for. Look out Berlin Fashion Week- the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week is coming for you.

Special thanks to Matthew Robinson and Ray (the awesome event and project manager) for the interviews and backstage access.

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Noel Maurice is one of the founders of indieberlin. Originally from the UK via a childhood in Johannesburg, he has been resident in Berlin since 1991. Describing himself as a 'recovering musician', he is the author of The Berlin Diaires, a trilogy detailing the East Berlin art and squat scene of the early 90s, available on Amazon and through this site.

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