Karneval der Kulturen 2016 is under way

The four-day multicultural festival Karneval der Kulturen starts today (13 May at 4pm) and will go on until Monday. This year is the 21st edition of the Carnival of Cultures, an event which attracts more visitors by the year. Over a million are expected to show up this time around. The apex is on Sunday when the procession of dancers, musicians and performers travels through the Kreuzberg Viertel.

The Pentecost weekend has a special place in Berlin’s cultural calendar. It unites participants of various origins and cultures in a joyful and colourful manner. Let’s say it is Berlin’s equivalent of the Rio Carnival, but on a much smaller scale.

Four stages and over a hundred DJs

This year, 5000 individuals, divided in 73 groups, will march down the Kreuzberg streets dressed up in coloured outfits. All this is done accompanied by singing and music. The fest is mainly based around Blücherplatz near Mehringdamm U-Bahn station. There will be four stages spread in the surroundings and over a hundred DJs will take turns.

The procession itself starts Sunday at 12:30 at the intersection between Hermannstraße and Hasenheide. It will then slowly make for Gneisenaustraße and Yorckstraße, where it is expected to end around 9:30pm.

The Carnival will end on Monday at 7pm.

Article by Patrick Bird Photo by Lars Kroupa

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