A&O Hotels & Hostels’ map of Berlin’s cool spots


A&O Hotels and Hostels Berlin asked us a couple months back if we had any insider tips we would like to share with them. At the time, the people at A&O had their mind set on creating a map of Berlin displaying cool spots around the city.

Well, they’ve only recently published the end result, with some fun spots on offer in Berlin. Whether you are a tourist and you haven’t spent enough time in the city to see everything or a full-time inhabitant perhaps a little too busy, this map will help you learn a bit more about your surroundings. Their staff has done half the work for you, it’s time to set out on an adventure in the streets.

You’ll access the most important information on the place by clicking the coloured pins. Each colour matches one of twelve categories. It could be a rooftop, a burger joint, free art to be seen or open air sport activities.

Have a look at A&O’s website by clicking the screenshot below.



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