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indieBerlin is now offering brands, bands and artists PR, promotion and marketing campaigns

Bands and Artists!

indieBerlin has grown

- over 8 years as a blog featuring and celebrating the best of independent Berlin until it's become the English-speaking go-to site for the inside track in independent music and lifestyle, and has gone on to establish a sister site,, that does the same for all of Germany.

Expanding from these two blogs

into a blog network whose reach is ever-expanding, we can now offer bands - both from Germany and elsewhere - the kind of promotion and exposure that comes with a serious degree of authenticity - we're not born-yesterday wannabe-hipsters and we're also not old-school über-conventional music industry greyhairs - that you can't find anywhere else.

And the core team of indieBerlin has been around plenty longer than that

- we're event managers and music marketing hard-hitters, and enough of us have also been long-term successful indie musicians to know how things work from both sides.

And through those years of staying true to our beliefs

and true to the indie way of doing things, we've established a huge network of contacts throughout the German industry - from journalists, bloggers, bookers, venues, label chiefs, you name it.

If you want to promote your German tour, come to us - we'll get word out there like no other.


If you want your brand new release (album/EP/single) honestly and encouragingly reviewed by a trustworthy and well-read source, come to us.


If you want us to organise you a banging release party in the middle of Berlin with a bunch of industry insiders and the cream of the indie scene, including a hard-hitting promotion campaign and optional extras like photography, video team, interview, you name it - you know who to talk to.



And there's plenty more:

We also run social media campaigns, put you in touch with photographers, stylists, bio writers; we'll organise you tours, we'll plaster posters and flyers all around town, whatever you need, get in touch. We're looking forward to hearing from you!