Pop-rock like it once was… Win two tickets to sold-out Angel Olsen show! 26th May, Heimathafen

angel olsen berlin amanda marsalis indieberlin

Angel Olsen is back in Berlin, and we’re back in line for tickets. Everyone else is being turned away: the Heimathafen is sold out on the 26th. We’ve got the last two, and we’re giving them to you.

Angel Olsen is a rightful star. As a consequence, her show was long sold-out by the time we wrote this. Luckily we’ve got the inside whisper, and we can offer you a pair of free tickets! Find out about Angel, then find out how to win below.

Unpretentious & beautiful retro pop

The last time Angel Olsen was in town, she was riding on the wave of her latest album. My Woman, when it dropped, sent ripples through the music world with a leap from her existing territory – ‘a folksy, rootsy zone’, whatever that means – into poppier waters.

angel olsen berlin amanda marsalis indieberlin

Press photos by Amanda Marsalis. Used with permission.

‘Pop’ isn’t such a crystal-clear term itself. In its youngest days, pop reached into areas of culture that everyone could relate to. Pop is real; it is artful, because it is catchy and concise. And it’s unpretentious: it isn’t about individual virtuosity or ingenious arrangements.

My Woman is a return to that pop spirit in several ways. In a literal sense, it’s very retro music with a retro production sound which she’s fond of. The whole aesthetic is brimming with nostalgia too – just watch the video below.


Most of all, she brings back that early pop attitude and adds a whole lot of grit. She upgrades relatability to vulnerability. She trades in clean-cut & catchy for remarkable and memorable.

That’s what keeps us going back (this gig makes three in a row for indieBerlin!). If you’d like to join us, share this article and send your name to win[at]indieberlin.de – we’ll tell the lucky winner two days in advance.

Student small fry, country boy in the big city, with inky fingers and a travel guitar.

Student small fry, country boy in the big city, with inky fingers and a travel guitar.

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