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At indieBerlin we really enjoy treating all you festival fans, by searching out Europe’s best and shipping you off for free. This time we’re offering two readers (and their +1s) a weekend at Paradise City, the electronic festival that’s also a green trailblazer.

What do we love about Paradise City? This could be a very, very long article. Rewind. What don’t we love about Paradise City? Nope, that’s not even a tweet. Back to the first angle, but I’ll keep it snappy.

Obviously the lineup is jaw-dropping

indieberlin paradise city belgium lineup

Used with permission from Easy Tiger Promotions. Credit unknown

Obviously. The first two acts on the list, Âme and N’to/Joachim Pastor, hardly need introducing for electro & techno fans. John Talabot joins them in the heavyweights, a young Catalonian with a dazzling set and an equally bright future.

Parasite Single - great band, lovely song.

Then there’s Patrice Bäumel on home turf whose track ‘Surge’ was one of the anthems of 2016; Frankey & Sandrino, who have a taste for the retro and a nose for the future; and many more…

But I was sold long before I saw the lineup…

… because Paradise City are award-winners in sustainable eventing. Its entire USP is eco-friendliness. There’s a whole list of steps taken to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact. That’s 10 steps, ten huge efforts, ten green initiatives that probably aren’t swelling PC’s coffers. 95% of festivals you read about won’t even take a single one.

Most astoundingly, they offer every single camper a free cardboard tent called a KarTent. At normal festivals, 1 in 4 tents are left behind for landfill. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, don’t worry: they promise their tents are 100% watertight.

indieberlin paradise city scenery

Used with permission from Easy Tiger promotions. Credit unknown

Finally, the location, the beautiful Castle Ribaucourt. In such an idyllic environment – with historic trees and gurgling brooks guarding a centuries-old fortress – it’s no wonder they care about the environment. And it’s all just fifteen minutes away from Brussels.

There are certain songs that possess a strange magic - meet The Franklin Electric

So if you’re tired of this year’s Brexiteers, Grexiteers and general exiteers, get yourself down to where it all goes down and shake it down in the EU town to some electronic anthems. Did I mention it’s on the house?

To win, just share this & tag us, then send your names to win[at] with the subject set to ‘Paradise City’.

Student small fry, country boy in the big city, with inky fingers and a travel guitar.

Student small fry, country boy in the big city, with inky fingers and a travel guitar.

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