Vive la vie bohème! Win 2 Tickets to Bananas Dada, an evening of art & extravagance

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But what is art, though? Art is recreating 1920s Bohemia in 2017 Berlin. It’s trading paperbacks for tickets; art is no dress code (where you don’t dress up or down, you dress out). Art is getting eight personnages from four corners of the earth, uniting them on one stage to make you feel something.

I hear you ask: What are these strange delights and where can I get me some? (Yes, you did say that out loud.) Well, head down to the Bassy Cowboy Club on the 19th April for Bananas Dada: a hedonistic night of burlesque, cabaret & dadaism*. Vive la vie bohème!

Bananas Dada at Bassy Club Berlin on indieBerlin

The mission objective: to take your preconceptions of art & performance, and stick them all in a smoothie blender. That’s why they’ve called in a host of burlesquerie marvels featuring Martini Cherry as Conférencier, they’ve got Zora Jurenkova proving a photo exhibition, and DJ Pyromaniac swingin’ on the decks. (Because it don’t mean a thing…)

Are you intrigued? Good, you have a pulse.

Your next step is to get your hands on a pair of tickets – for free . email win[at] or comment below for your chance to win. We’ll email the winner a couple of nights before. If you’re unlucky you’ll still have time to book an advance ticket (and there should be more on the door.) See you there…

*DADAISM 101: What is dada?

Art is also an overlapping series of ideologies made physical, stained on canvas & cut into stone, that form the building blocks of our culture. Often, we know what art is called but we don’t know what it means. So here goes: Dadaism was a post-war anti-capitalist movement that was all about nonsenseabsurdism and play.

Like a lot of art, it’s hard to explain. I could talk about their ideals, or visuals, or attempt to represent the whole movement using one piece that one individual created at one point during that period. Or I can quote the Dadaist manifesto:

“Why can’t a tree be called Pluplusch, and Pluplubasch when it has been raining?”

Is that helpful? No? Good.

Student small fry, country boy in the big city, with inky fingers and a travel guitar.

Student small fry, country boy in the big city, with inky fingers and a travel guitar.

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