Basement Bash Halloween Party – Bring your Fangs and Wands

Basement Bash is back at it again with their first ever special edition Halloween party, bring your fangs and wands because this one is gonna be terrifyingly good.

After the successful opening night, Basement Bash continues to bring something new to the table, this time it’s a costume party with not three, but four up-and-coming bands. Will the bands dress up ? We certainly hope so! Perhaps will get to see them dressed up as Ghost Busters or the cast of Stranger Things, you’ll never know, maybe “Barb” can belt out some killer vocals.

Although the theme is Halloween, this edition’s performers are anything other than dark, on the contrary they bring a lot of energy and diversity. Peruvian-Austrian voodoo goddess Gavriela is expected to open the show, possibly with her riveting song Creatures that was released mid-year, perhaps you heard it on FLUX FM while driving your car or cleaning your house? With her long dark hair and unique presence, she will surely mesmerise all the creatures of the night with her hauntingly beautiful voice.

Your favorite spooky television show

Better Strangers might sound like an episode of your favorite spooky television show and that’s no surprise, because their songs would fit perfectly into a revelation or kissing scene from Riverdale or The Vampire Diaries. Their music will make you Shazam and listen to it on repeat while you’re fantasizing looking out the window.

Ten tracks from Norman Z to ease into Sunday and out the other side

Remember amazing bands like Nirvana and Fleetwood Mac? Well here’s another one, they’re called Ritzy Park. Destined to make you miss the 20th century and have you hoping for a comeback, Ritzy Park sure knows how to leave a mark. Lead singer, Caroline hypnotizes with her deep voice and soft movements, like a young Stevie Nicks her lyrics tender and compelling.

Their music will definitely eat your brain and leave you in awe for the rest of the night, wondering what you’ve been missing all this time.

Rap and Hip-hop have not yet made an appearance at Basement bash, but all of that will change on Oct. 26th. As the new moon rises, so does the atmosphere and with it comes Lexodus with fresh take on alternative hip hop. Their music will definitely eat your brain and leave you in awe for the rest of the night, wondering what you’ve been missing all this time.



Don’t forget to dress yourself in your best costume because this time basement bash is giving away a prize for Best Costume. What will it be? We can only wonder.

See you at the Bash @ Marie Antoinette on the 26th of Oct.

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