Obits live in Magnet May 22nd – indieberlin pogos inside

The Obits are an indie band out of Brooklyn, New York. Formed in 2006 from the remnants of a few already established acts (Shortstack, Edsel, Hot Snakes) the band came about from musicians with an urge to jam without any great plans for where it might lead. The chemistry obviously worked and they played an off-the-cuff gig at influential New York hotspot The Cake Shop. A bootleg recording circulated on the internet, got heard by Subpop A&R man Chris Jacobs, and after being invited to play at Subpop’s twentieth anniversary party, they were duly signed to the label.

Donna Summer Dies – indieberlin pays tribute

Donna Summer was one of the greats. Together with producer Giorgio Moroder she defined disco and with her hit “I Feel Love” defined electronic music for the eighties generation – directly inspiring the slew of 80s electronica bands that came afterwards. She also became a huge gay icon – even though some remarks she made after later becoming a born-again Christian got her into trouble with the gay community some time later.


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