Dreams of a Life: A forgotten life remembered

In 2006, bailiffs investigating overdue rent in a London council flat broke down the door and discovered the body of a woman. It was in such an advanced state of decomposition that the cause and time of death could not be confirmed. Surrounded by partly-wrapped Christmas presents, with the television still tuned to the channel she’d been watching when she died, it was estimated that she had lain undiscovered for three years. Dreams of a Life explores how this could happen.

Ecstatic Aesthetic Blog Announcement

Hi there,

this is a little blurb to let you know about the existence of the blog of one of our favourite independent Berlin fashion designers….Soon you’ll be getting a little update of her fashion bits’n’pieces as well as news about the inside crowd of Berlin independent designers – the ones who put on their own Berlin fashion shows like But and Better and the like, the ones we’re all excited about, the ones that make us crave for the taste of tomorrow. When does that start, btw?

Mia Morris Photo Shooting

Behind the scenes pix of Mia Morris Fashion Shooting:

From the first photo to a defined piece of art is sometimes quite a process. Some of our behind the scnes photos will give you an impression of this process and let you have a gasp of the set atmosphere….


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