Free tickets to: Conny Plank tribute in ZMF tonight – the person who basically created what we know as 80s pop

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You heard of Phil Spector? Yeah. Heard of Conny Plank? Ah. Conny Plank has been referred to as the Phil Spector of Krautrock. To drop more names, he produced Vienna from Ultravox, Eno asked him to produce The Joshua Tree and he famously said, “I cannot work with this singer” (Bono); Eurythmics, Einstürzende Neubauten, Neu!, Echo and the Bunnymen, the Scorpions….er. Yes. The list goes on. I confess, okay? I hadn’t heard of Conny Plank. Now having found out more about the man I feel suitably humbled. Jesus. He started out professional life as an engineer for Marlene Dietrich, but apart from name-dropping that’s neither here nor there. He was very active in the 70s and 80s – after that less so as he died in the late 80s, which hampered his output somewhat.

We speak to Ruban Nielson from Unknown Mortal Orchestra – live at Prince Charles on the 8th

Ruban says he is cautious in interviews. I caught up with him in December when his label had sent him on an interview tour of Europe and he professed it strange to be touring with no guitar and expected only to meet people and talk. How to not tell the same jokes, go for the same pat answers …Ruban takes me to an imbiss and we sit in the back with two bad coffees and while the radio plays Rihanna and Beyonce in the background and the patron makes kebabs for a slow stream of mute customers, Ruban tells me how it is.

Ariel Hyatt guest post – Charting the Course: A Radio Promo Discussion

We’re very excited to be able to welcome legendary online PR guru Ariel Hyatt to indieberlin as a guest contributor. This is the first of a seven-part series of posts that Ariel did all about getting your music played on radio…without further ado:
Welcome to the first of our seven-part Cyber PR interview series ‘Charting the Course: A Radio Promo Discussion’. The purpose of this series is to explore the world of radio promo, with insights from 6 people who work in and outside of the realm of radio promo, but all of whom have dedicated themselves to advising independent musicians. Today we hear from Kevin Breuner, a Grammy nominated artist, podcaster, and indie musician advocate. He resides in Portland, OR where he is the Director of Marketing for CD Baby ( Oh, yeah, he also plays guitar in Smalltown Poets.

The brilliant Unknown Mortal Orchestra plays live at Prince Charles on the 8th February

Lo-fi extraordinaires and indie-blogosphere darlings Unknown Mortal Orchestra have released their follow-up album, tentatively titled //, and they are about to show the rest of Europe what the hype is all about.

The American/New Zealander band has only been around since 2010, but their debut was widely praised and helped skyrocket the young musicians into the realm of esteemed music stars.

Now the time has come for Berlin – Prince Charles to be more exact – where the boys are bound to show us what an amazing live act should sound like.

Catch the catchy trio this Friday, Feb. 8th, and give their new record a spin or two – you won’t regret it.


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