3×2 Freikarten zu gewinnen: Frankensteins Labor presented by Goth United

Gewinnt 3×2 Tickets für das Halloween Ereignis!

Am 27.10. verwandelt sich das EFK Kart- und Eventcenter am Ostbahnhof zum Operationssaal des verrückten Doktors. Spuk und Schrecken suchen diesen Ort ab 22 Uhr heim, und ihr könnt daran Teil haben. Oder seid ihr gar die Ursache?
Was wird in dieser Nacht passieren, welches kranke Experiment hat der Doktor vorbereitet? Wer wird diese Nacht überleben?

Mailt uns einfach mit dem Betreff “Goth United” und mit etwas Glück treibt ihr Euer Unwesen auf der Frankensteins Labor Party presented by Goth United.

CD Review – Melody’s Echo Chamber

The fable goes that Melody Prochet approached Parker after a Tame Impala gig in order to discover the secrets of his guitar sound. She didn’t learn them. Instead, she got the gig the opening act for some of Tame Impala’s European dates where she and Parker swapped demos. The tale ends up in the share house of the Tame Impala in Perth where Parker produced this.

Soundcheck – where we shine a light on a local band every week – this week is Wasp Summer

Write a new music journalism review of yourself by filling in the blanks:

My music is like… Wanda Jackson hitchhiking with Neko Case through the West Country while listening to Wilco on acid.

How old were you when you wrote your first song? What was it about?

I was 14. My family had just been watching The Big Gig, a late night Australian comedy show on the national government broadcaster (I had a huge crush on Paul from a comedy group called The Doug Anthony All-Stars). The late news was always on afterwards and that night we saw the incredible unfolding uprising in Tiananmen Square. I sat down and scribbled a bunch of Tracy Chapman style lyrics on the back of a Pizza Hut place mat and, unsure what to do with them, looked through the phonebook, made a copy of the lyrics and sent them to Amnesty International in Brisbane. Bless them, they wrote back saying if I cold make it into a song, they’d be happy to help me get it out. I’ve still got the lyrics somewhere in a folder.

I Am Oak – but not after 10pm – indieberlin live review

In this city there are great shows to see literally every night. There is everything from iconic acts playing in huge venues to amazing upcoming bands playing in obscure little bars. The latter was the case for last Friday’s gig at Schokoladen, where Netherlands native Thijs Kuijken performed under his folksy I Am Oak moniker.


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