Christiane Rösinger präsentiert in Festsaal Kreuzberg letzte Sonntag Ihre neue Buch Liebe wird oft überbewertet

Die Straßen sind kalt und nass an diesem Sonntagabend im Oktober. Alle Berliner im geschlechtsreifen Alter sind entweder auf Partnersuche in den Clubs oder liegen bereits mit dem auserkorenen Wintergefährten und Sushi vom Lieferdienst vor dem Fernseher, wenn nicht schon unter der warmen Bettdecke. Man stimmt sich auf den gemeinsamen Winter(bei)schlaf ein.

It’s Sunday Soiree time again TOMORROW – to give you a little appetite read what happened last time….

On a quiet Sunday night at the beginning of September I found myself on a street in Friedrichshain walking across the road towards a bar called Primitiv.

No quiet Sunday night drinking crowd in here, even though it was still early the first hints that tonight was no ordinary night were already in evidence. Tonight was to be the opening night of the new Burlesque Sunday Soiree series and I was here for only the most high-minded professional reasons.

The Butler Did It – Cam Butler Saturday in Widerstandsmuseums – we give you 4×2 tickets

Write to us at info@indieberlin and say The Butler did it! – the first four get a pair of tickets each.
We live in an age where independent bands are becoming the norm. The road to releasing an album begins with crowd-sourcing funds. A record can be recorded in your bedroom and released to the world through the wonders of the interwebs. It’s a fine approach for a band or a solo artist layering different instruments. Cam Butler decided he wanted to write an orchestra piece.


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