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Get Ready Pinky’s People!

Cause we’re in for a wild ride this month with a whole bunch of international Super-Starlets and one of a kind acts from all over the globe! We will be kicking off the holiday season TOMORROW at the Bassy Club with another fabulous Lineup

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Türchen Nr. 2 – Chuck Ragan & The Revival Tour

Heute wollen wir Euch ein tolles Livevideo von “Chuck Ragan & The Revival Tour” vorstellen. Chuck Ragan kennt man ja von der Band “Hot Water Musik” und alle Jahre wieder holt er sich ein paar Freunde auf die Bühne und spielt tolle Akustikkonzerte.

Review – Lasse Mathiessen in the Roter Salon last Sunday night

In the Roter Salon on Sunday Lasse Mathiessen gave in a stellar performance.
We’d been looking forward to the gig for a while and neither Lasse nor show-opener Tammy Ingram disappointed. Lasse looks remarkably like Joaquin Phoenix playing Johnny Cash: And the Cash-analogies don’t stop there: Lasse stands there in a shirt and light blue suit, and he gives off on stage a solidity in classic Cash style.

indieberlin recommends – tonight – Lasse Mathiessen and Tammy Ingram live in Roter Salon

This is one we’ve been looking forward to for a while: Lasse Mathiessen (Radio Eins “Newcomer of the Year” in 2009) describes his music as folk-pop, and that’s pretty accurate as long as with the “pop” you think less “fluffy” and more “hooks”. There are similarities to Nick Drake and other folkies of this vein, but Lasse manages to make his songs, with delicate arrangements put in place with his acoustic band, definitel modern.

Tammy Ingram Record Release Sunday Night in Roter Salon – 2 tickets to the show and 2 album downloads

Sunday night is something special – not only is our favourite indiefolk artist Lasse Mathiessen kicking off his tour at this concert, it’s also Tammy Ingram’s record release party for her great new album “Love/War”. Tammy is one of a brace of exciting Australian artists who have washed up on Berlin’s shores, and have steadily been brightening the firmament of our indie town.

Madeleine Bloom celebrates her new release “Patchwork” with a Google Hangout Record Release Party this Sunday night!

Madeleine uses looped recordings of things like, you know, the coffee brewing and so on. But not only that! Also present are piano, mbira, upright bass, cello, strings, harps, ticking clocks, S-Bahn sounds, water, paper, stones, glass, ice, music boxes, steps and lots and lots of vocals. How intricate a version of all this will she put on live for us on Sunday night? Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on your PC, turn up the soundsystem and find out!

Madeleine Bloom on her new EP “Patchwork” and her online livestream concert this Sunday 18th November

Be at the Google Hangout concert live tomorrow night with Madeleine here:
I’m always trying to convey feelings in my songs. Not just in the lyrics, but also in the music. Like soundtracks to different emotional states, may it be euphoria, sadness or heartbrokenness. For this I use a variety of instruments, field recordings and lots of vocals. Quite often my music is very intricate with lots of layers, so it can sound quite orchestral. Each song has its own array of sounds and instruments to fit the mood rather than a genre.

Lasse Matthiessen on tour – wartet auf eure Fragen

indieberlin bietet euch jetzt die Chance, den Musiker einmal so richtig auszuquestschen. Was wolltet ihr schon immer mal über Lasse erfahren? Wollt ihr wissen, wie seine Songs entstehen? Interessiert ihr Euch dafür, welche verlorene Liebe besungen wird? Oder fragt ihr Euch, was Lasse Matthiessens Berlin-Feeling ausmacht? Ihr habt eine ganz andere Frage…? Egal, mailt uns Eure Frage an und lest kurz darauf Lasses Antwort auf oder unserer Facebook-Site!