Los De Abajo Bring ‘The Ultimate Party’ to Berlin

On the 10th July 2012, the immovable object of Berlin played host to an irresistible force. Currently midway through their ‘Mexican Explosion’ Tour, Los de Abajo returned to a city which has hosted them since their first performances in Europe. From the first blast of the trombone to the triumphant end, Los de Abajo managed to keep the eclectic mix of punks, native Spanish speakers and world music lovers utterly enthralled.

Introducing the unstoppable Dub Pistols

The unstoppable Dub Pistols return, in their biggest year yet, with their fifth album ‘Worshipping The Dollar’.
Barry Ashworth and his motley crew created their latest long-player in between gigs every weekend following the release of acclaimed 2009 album ‘Rum & Coke’. ‘Worshipping The Dollar’ sees a return to lyrical themes explored on earlier albums with deeper and more conscious lyrics and a pacier feel to the tracks, which mirrors their increasingly frenetic live shows.

Esther Quade – indieberlin interviews berlin’s best kept secret

It´s a sensual journey in ones own space and time.
It´s a memory, a meditation, a dream on the edge of reality.
It´s a thick layer of loving voices on top of the canvas in your favorite colour.
It´s to be held in your grandmas blanket.
It´s a fragile voice in wide open spaces.
It´s like waking up after a nap in the afternoon.
It´s like feeling love.
It´s an modern form of music shamanism

Phia in interview – catch her live Friday 13th with Mez Medallion

If someone who couldn’t hear saw my show, they’d probably wonder why I was dancing around on the stage all by myself. I’d tell them that I sing songs about life and living, and create kaleidoscopic soundscapes by layering my african kalimba, voice, finger clicks, hand claps and beat boxing with my loop pedal that’s on the ground in front of me.

Skinny Lister

Up on their stomping feet and clicking their heels, the Skinny Lister sound took hold as Dan’s perceptive ballads and folkie idylls were boosted by an eruption of a rambunctious free spirited rum fueled party music. Soon the Skinny Lister sound was charging down the nation’s canals and waterways, bursting into spontaneous song in pubs and clubs, kicking up a summer frenzy at numerous festivals. Over 30 festivals in fact, a nonstop work rate that saw them acknowledged and awarded by PRS as the ‘Hardest Working Band’ of summer 2011. “We travelled hundreds of miles together in a Land Rover with a double bass strapped to the roof, sharing the driving, playing gigs every night and going out to party afterwards. We didn’t make it easy on ourselves but it does bond you as family.” Dan recollects.

indieberlin schenkt euch eine CD zum spanischen Sommer-Hit von “LAS TOCAYAS”

Die spanischer Synth-Pop Band LAS TOCAYAS releast am 10. Juli ihre neue Single JUSTICIA / GERECHTIGKEIT. Die Single erscheint nur in Spanien und Deutschland und enthält eine spanische und eine deutsche Version. Ebenso dabei ein hidden Track ihres ersten Albums “Díselo a tu tía”. Das Artwork dazu stammt vom Künstler Azucena Retamero, der sich von der Musik der Tocacyas inspirieren ließ.

Mailt uns an und mit etwas Glück schenken wir euch diesen wunderschönen Sommer-Song auf CD.


Dan Le Sac – space between the words

dan le sac releases his debut solo album Space Between The Words on Sunday Best on July 9th. Written, produced and with vocals from Dan himself, the album features collaborations with Emmy the Great, Merz, Sarah Williams White, B Dolan, Joshua Idehen and Pete Hefferan.

Am 14.07. heißt es: “Land in Sicht” presented by Goth United

Nach Monaten der qualvollen Reise auf See und einer Reihe zerberstender Stürme, geht nun auch noch der Rum zur Neige.
Die Crew droht zu meutern und die entführten Hofdamen zermürben durch ihre von Hunger getriebenen Launen des Captains Gemüt. Da ertönt der erlösende Ruf: Land in Sicht!!!

„Reiht euch ein als Piraten, Freibeuter und Korsaren, oder hattet ihr keine Wahl und wurdet aus eurem höfischen Bett entführt und auf See verschleppt? Auch Matrosen und starke Ruderer werden gebraucht, um klar Schiff zu machen.
Ihr wollt den Piraten keinen Fuß breit lassen und euren Stamm und Rituale verteidigen?
Dann schlagt sie mit Kriegsbemalung, Voodoo-Ritualen und allerlei anderen Gruseligkeiten in die Flucht. Bringt Grauen über die Insel.“

Collapse under the empire gives us a free download while we wait for the album

Um die Wartezeit auf das kommende Album ?Fragments of a Prayer“ ,welches im Herbst 2012 in allen Plattenläden erhältlich sein wird, zu verkürzen, stellen COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE einen neuen Track für alle Fans kostenlos als Download zur Verfügung. Der Track “Dragonfly” wird auf keinen ihrer Alben zu finden sein wird.

Marching Band live 13th June in Kaffee Burger – indieberlin asks them about stuff

We recorded it all on our own this time with no input from producers which you probably will hear. Its very much “us”, reflects who we are at the moment. We sometimes joke about how this record is more “classic rock” rather then the past “contemporary indie” sound. That’s the direction we have wanted to go in, though we suspect that it might not be the smartest move commercially.

Dan Freeman releases new video single Dagner


Last Wednesday evening, I stumbled down a rabbit hole into a wonderland called Grüner Salon where talented Tasmanian-born songwriter, singer, saxophonist and pianist Dan Freeman and his band “The Serious” were filling the room with a blend of indie-rock, pop and experimental sounds.