Interview with Mia Morris

Mia Morris, Artist from Berlin, tells us about her Funkyrotic Art project, her recent exhibtions at a hairdresser´s salon and at Freudenhaus Hase, a brothel in Berlin-Wedding.

Dreams of a Life: A forgotten life remembered

In 2006, bailiffs investigating overdue rent in a London council flat broke down the door and discovered the body of a woman. It was in such an advanced state of decomposition that the cause and time of death could not be confirmed. Surrounded by partly-wrapped Christmas presents, with the television still tuned to the channel she’d been watching when she died, it was estimated that she had lain undiscovered for three years. Dreams of a Life explores how this could happen.


Die deutsch-britische Künstlerin Mia Morris ( spezialisiert sich auf das Zusammenbringen unterschiedlicher Kunstaspekte – wie das Kombinieren von (Portrait-)Fotografie und Malerei – in außergewöhnlichen Umfeldern. So ist es für Mia ideal, die kommende Ausstellung im Freudenhaus Hase zu durchzuführen.