indieberlin review – Mac DeMarco in Bi Nuu

It was abundantly clear that I was surrounded by a crowd of Mac DeMarco fans as soon as I entered Bi Nuu and saw countless Mac DeMarcoesque signature caps. The anticipation was high for this sold-out show and the evening started off with the very fitting opening act Tonstartssbandht, two brothers from Florida that played a beguiling mix of folk and heavy guitar rock with aplomb. The half hour set left the enthusiastic crowd wanting more.

indieberlin review – Com Truise live in Fluxbau

Electronic producer extraordinaire Com Truise, otherwise known as Seth Haley, performed as part of indie party line Karrera Klub’s 18th birthday on the 28th of May. Though the weather was abysmal people came in droves and the small FluxBau venue was packed. Haley released his first LP Galactic Melt in 2011 and has been gradually amassing praise, remixing songs from the likes of Twin Shadow, Everything Everything, and Daft Punk.

Image by Legance

Polly Trope introduces us to Natali Legance – Three artists and a writer

A strange and unworldly calm wafts around Berlin’s abandoned old military cemetery. Thick grass rolls over a disparate selection of broken tombstones, funerary Achilles helmets in old bronze, stone wreaths and armour, the craggy peaks of neo-gothic sculpture poking out of a taciturn, awe-inspiring landscape.

In this space “after the afterlife”, where even stone memorials to individuals from the 1800s fade and sink — Natali Legance revealed 13 black-and-white photos in the gentle light of the evening city sun.

Muted piano music and candles, an atmosphere of quiet and simplicity, it was the artist’s debut photo show. Out of nowhere, she solicited the ghosts of life’s many yesterdays, the uncertainty of appearance, and the profundity of change, through a small but powerful collection of photographs.

Finnisage tonight of Cooking In The Ruins – an exhibition by Alice Morey and Louise Thomas in south Neukoelln

Tonight is the Finissage of the impressive Cooking In The Ruins exhibition by UK artists Alice Morey and Louise Thomas. In south Neukoelln, the party goes from 6pm until 9pm, so perfectly timed before going on to conquer the night.

Both artists have unique and original techniques. The bright colours and abstract figures used by Morey are reminiscent of Matisse and Picasso. Bright, bold and beautiful are words that come to mind to describe the intricately detailed works displayed, contrasting the cold, abandoned feeling evoked by the amazing abandoned space

indieberlin review and photo gallery – The/Das play a brilliant concert with their new proper band line-up in Schwuz

The/Das have a wonderfully happy, optimistic vibe on stage, thanks largely to the presence and personality of vocalist Fabian, who favoured the audience with his trademark goofy smile and constant jerky geek dance style. The music also fits into a groove that I think finds favour with a lot of people, neither too heavy nor too light, thoroughly danceable while retaining a depth and emotion that you don’t always get with electro bands like this.

Their label sums it up thus: “we call it techno tenderness, their laid-back draft of subcooled, highly driving, in-depth music, creating a clearly more organic sound pattern inside the technoid framework.”

Polly Trope, author or Cured Meat

Blue Sugar – a piece of writing by Polly Trope

Pass me the king of medicine?

Yes, hello, I’d like to vanquish illness. Fight me the invincible, age and death.

My sexual organs have been mapped out like machine parts, they can generate predictable feelings if you push certain buttons on the body and work even better if you switch on certain programs on the screen.

The DMY Festival at Tempelhof from the 28th to the 1st is one of the highlights of the Berlin Design Week

As part of the Berlin Design Week, the DMY International Design Festival is running from May 28th to June 1st, with 150 exhibitors presenting more than 500 international and national designers, studios and more than a dozen universities, giving visitors a look at the newest developments and upcoming trends in the design world. Included for the first time this year is a Social Design section, and the Regional Focus shines a light on what’s going on next door in Brandenburg. Definitely worth a look!


indieberlin review – Dum Dum Girls – unabashed confidence and punk attitude

On an especially warm May evening, frontwoman Dee Dee Penny and her touring band came on stage and mesmerized their audience with a darkly soft set. The band preferred to let their songs speak for themselves, displaying a cool detachment throughout the night. In fact, the only time Dee Dee cracked a smile was when a drunk audience member shouted something inaudible at her that obviously amused her.