Delta Love in Antje Oeklesund – Indieberlin Bobs About

On the way through the pitch black abandoned backyard, just as it seemed unclear whether this was the right way to the venue, or the right place to be mugged, there appeared a dim light at the end of the tunnel, the cosy entrance to Antje Oklesund.

Review – This Will Destroy You – The Band at the End of the World

What band would you choose to play at the end of the world? You could do worse than choose Texas instrumental alt-rock band This Will Destroy You.
There is something epic in the thoughtful and stately progression of their bare, melodic music. They have branded it ‘doomgaze’, which has just about the right associations of hypnotic soundscapes and haunting reverbs.

Review – Rusconi Unleash a Musical Revolution in HBC last Wednesday

The Rusconi trio unleashed a powerful performance at HBC for a full room of music lovers. Rusconi have a dreamy soul-wrenching sound that will grasp your attention. This is not background music people!
Rusconi describe their sound as experimental pop. It is the evolution, the natural transition of a jazz trio who experiment and improvise to create new sounds. Using distortion, space echo, feedback, tape decks, bells, gongs and of course the grand piano, double bass and drums, Rusconi make magic.

Rusconi play HBC Berlin 28-03, Indieberlin gives you free tickets and free CDs

Rusconi have made quite a name for themselves. The “Revolutionary Trio” say they play jazz for the rock generation. They do improvised, acoustic covers of Sonic Youth songs with piano, drums and stand-up bass.
People have said “the loudest acoustic band in the world.”(Main Post)
“This isn’t jazz, it’s revolution.” (Eclipsed)
Lovers of original improvised music are beside themselves. Rusconi continues to lay waste to all before them, astounding and delighting in equal measure. Indieberlin has 2×2 tickets for the show to give away, plus two free CDs!
Just write to us at and tell us the name of their newly released album!

Black Heritage gives a typically amazing performance at the Quasimodo

Music danced last Friday at the Quasimodo where the Berlin-formed outfit Black Heritage played to a full room. Their music incorporates a wide range of influences, from African rhythms to the wild roots of Jazz and Gospel choirs from America and the beautiful shrill ring of Arabic.

Indieberlin encounters This Will Destroy You – Survives – Just

“Don´t mess with Texas”. So ähnlich könnte das Motto des heutigen Abends sein, denn “This Will Destroy You” aus San Marcos, Texas sind in der Stadt und spielen im Kreuzberger Lido. Leider mussten “Tides From Nebula” aus unbekannten Gründen absagen und so müssen die ca. 400 Postrockfans in der gut gefüllten Hallen erstmal die kurzfristige eingesprungene Vorband überstehen.

Amsterdam Klezmer Band in Lido Monday Night – win the Album here

The Amsterdam Klezmer Band is one of the big favourites of the European Klezmer scene – always a great show – guaranteed many drunken people pumping their arms up and down and grinning idiotically! Go – dance – laugh – be free. With their Ukranian singer always in full force this is one of the best live shows anywhere they go.
And of course indieberlin has two copies of their album “Mokum” to give away here – just let us know the first name of the singer of the band and we#ll give the first two right answers an album to jump around at home to!

Indieberlin Interview with IAMDYNAMITE

Es sind große Dinge geschnürt in kleine Pakete, so wie IAMDYNAMITE (ehemals „Mahoney“) mit lediglich einer Gitarre und Schlagzeug bewaffnet daherkommen. Aber sie packen erstaunlich clever Harmonien, tanzbare Gitarrenriffs und stampfende Drumssounds zusammen und hinterlassen eine explosive Mischung. Entstanden ist das Projekt aus der Band „The Raleigh“, bestehend aus zwei New Yorker Musikern plus Chris Martin (“C-Mart”) und Chris Phillips (“C²”). Nachdem die Band in diesen Jahren den Fuß in die Tür der Indie Rock-Szene in deren Heimatstadt Detroit bekommen und erste Erfahrungen gesammelt hat, verließen Chris und Chris das Projekt und formten mit ihrem eigenen, raubüberfallartigen Tanz-Indierock eine selbstständige, neue und energiegeladene Marke.

Das Lonksi and Classen indieberlin Interview

So, hi Lukas und Felix, die Genies von Lonski and Classen! Wir kommen ohne Shoo shoo und große Umschweife zu den berühmt-berüchtigten Interview-Fragen von indieberlin! Was meint ihr? Großartig. Los gehts:

The Jezabels play Berlin Postbahnhof – Indieberlin reviews

On first impression, the Jezabels’ sound might situate itself within the epic power-pop-ballad genre of the ’80s, with their thundering rock drums, galloping rhythms, emotive vocals and guitar riffs, and keyboards adding to the rich visual soundscapes their music creates. There is also something in there from the ’00s, and something that’s hard to put a finger on… a likeness to some other band whose name escapes the memory.

Wir checken Eure Künstler-Verträge

Hi – Du hälst einen Vertrag in den Händen – glücklich aber unwissend? Lass ihn von unseren Vertragspartnern checken und Dich über mögliche Fallen oder Knebelklauseln aufklären. Dafür erstellen wir einen unentgeltlichen Kostenvoranschlag.

Interview with Conrad Kinard, owner of Bar Sin in Kreuzkölln

In the nineties I came to Berlin as a refugee from what was then a changing NYC. It was becoming intolerable to live in for me for various reasons, one being that there was no work, the art scene was frustrating me, and it felt like it was time for a change