All Rise For The Deacon

Dan Deacon’s follow up to the widely acclaimed Bromst is a varied record. From the challenging and abrasive opener to the more landscape inspired sonic ventures later in the record, it covers nearly as much ground as the vast land it derives its title: America. What’s apparent from even just the title is that there’s a statement Deacon is making with this record. Not a concept record as such, but more a meditation on contemporary American life.

Kitty Solaris on indieberlin – win her CD and read the interview with the talented Berlin artist!

Kitty solaris is now pretty much a household name in the independent Berlin music scene, carving out a niche for herself with leftfield indiepop in the 90s and since then building up the well-known Solaris Empire label almost single-handed. Follow the article to find out how you can win her CD…

1. How would you explain your music to a deaf person?

I play electric guitar and sing, Steffen plays drums, Nikola plays keyboards, samples and bass on the keyboard. The music is a mixture of folk, rock, electronic elements, pop and punk. Live it sounds more rocky and powerful than people expect! It´s dreamy and powerful. Soothing and relaxing.

Lapalux – fractured emotion, tape experiments and mutating states of consciousness – and a free download

There are few electronic producers out there who are more concerned with the minutiae of surface and texture than Lapalux, and still fewer who understand so well the deep effects that these textures can have upon the listener’s mood. In Lapalux’s productions nothing is left to chance. He makes swooningly beautiful and disorientating music that never sits still for more than a moment.

Come Together: Berlin singer-songwriter Eric Eckhart will make a record with your help.

There’s plenty to be said for the Do It Yourself approach to making music. Eschew the labels, take control of your own marketing and booking, then distribute your music online. It’s an ideal approach, but not as easy as it sounds.

Berlin based collective A Headful Of Bees have bandied around a different approach. The collective is made up of writers, musicians and other artists.

This week they are pooling their energies around singer/songwriter Eric Eckhart and his latest album, in an approach dubbed Do It Together.

The concept came together when Eckhart and other Beeheaders were speaking at different conferences over the last few years.
“All these great ideas were floating around but no one was really doing them,” says Eckhart. “There are really so few people who are doing it well, or successfully, and even fewer people who are doing all of them. So I thought it would be really cool to take all of these ideas that no one really seemed to be doing and do something.

Leftfield Electronica from Idklang and Cordyceps

In the mood for some somewhat noisy leftfield Electronica? Then you’re in the right place! Idklang, artist moniker of Austrian producer Markus Steinkellner, has teamed up with Cordyceps for a few tracks of howling and bleeping madness (interspersed with moments of worried calm). Cordyceps create an evolving sound mass of glitchy break-beats, abstract riffs, closed-circuit feedback and layers of droning noises. Gotta love ‘em!

Dum Dum Girls – new EP out this month – free download from Sub Pop

he raucous Dum Dum Girls are once more upon us: While they wend their way through the clubs of Europe their EP End of Daze hits the stands, featuring a cover of Strawberry Switchblades “Trees And Flowers”. Recorded together with Sun Rose Wagner from the Raveonettes, the album is out on the Sub Pop label on the 28th of this month. Go to the Sub Pop site to get a free download of the ballad “Lord Knows”.

Electra – vive Tel Aviv – Rock out of Israel – in White Trash this Friday – indieberlin interview

Israeli three-piece Electra took advantage of the recent Berlin Music Week to launch their first German tour. When IndieBerlin caught up with the high energy dance rockers, the band were taking a day’s break in the Netherlands before heading to a show in Hamburg.
It might be their first trip to Germany, but they’re no strangers to the touring bus. Coast to coast tours through the US have become regular additions to the band’s diary since their debut album Heartbreak For Fools came out two years ago. The landscape might change, but rock’n’roll fans aren’t too dissimilar around the globe.

Sofa Salon and their house concerts join the Berlin Festival – The Revolution Will Not Be Amplified

There’s plenty to be said for the louder parts of the Berlin Festival and the maze of club nights to get lost in, but tucked away in unassuming apartments is a whole different kind of music event.
Sofa Salon is, more or less, a monthly event often held in Moabit but more recently has been making its way around the living rooms of Berlin. There’s something of a secret society about the whole thing, passed by word of mouth and confirmed only through covert emails. All of that means that at each Sofa Salon there’s a mixture of old hands and newcomers, making up the small intimate crowd to see Berlin based and touring musicians.

Review: Alberta Cross im Konzert

Alberta Cross im Konzert – indieberlin review

Das letzte Album “Broken Side of Time” hat auch schon ganze 3 Jahre auf dem Buckel, aber endlich sind Alberta Cross wieder in Berlin und zurück mit einem neuen Abum! Das hat den schönen Namen “Songs Of Patience” und ist ab sofort zu haben.

Schon am 14.08. war die Band im Comet zu Gast und eigentlich kommen gerade live die alten und neuen Songs so richtig zur Geltung. Nach einem kurzen verwunderten Blick rüber zu den Besuchern des Metalkonzerts im Magnetclub und einer schüchternen Sängerin aus Neuseeland als Vorband, betreten der Sänger Petter Ericson Stakee (mit einem T-Shirt der Band “Kraftwerk”) und seine Mitstreiter die Bühne.