Forest and Crispian: neues Album “MORGENLANDS” mit der Single “Let the best band win”

Forest and Crispian: eine schwedische Band, die den Nerv der Zeit trifft – es werden traditionelle Musik mit einer absolut zeitgerechten Produktion zu einem richtig schönen Musikerlebnis kombiniert!
Die Band, die an Kings of Convenience erinnert, kommt mit ihrem dritten Studio-Album namens “MORGENLANDS” am 08.06.2012 in Deutschland heraus. Noch sind die Schweden ein Geheimtipp, aber das wird sich in absehbarer Zeit wohl ändern.
Hört doch einfach mal rein und mailt uns Eure Meinung an – wir belohnen die interessantesten Mails mit CDs und Tickets für das nächste Berlin-Konzert.

Forest & Crispian – Let The Best Band Win from Forest & Crispian on Vimeo.

Lisa Hannigan live in Bi Nuu – indieberlin happy

Hannigan has one of the most impressive voices I have heard in a long time, I wish I could catch it in a little box and take it out when days are grey and lonely. It’s special. Husky restraint with a wild range, unexpected Jazz twists and turns and a timbre I can’t not compare to Melanie Safka’s.

Noel Maurice live in King Kong Klub Tues May 8th 2×2 guest list passes and CDs to give away

This Tuesday 8th May Noel Maurice is performing in King Kong Klub. Billed as a release party for his Berlin Diaries. Introduction album, he’s got new songs and a new setup, pushing in the electro indiefolk/ tripfolk direction and leaving the conventional band structure alone for the moment, mixing live loops with guitar and voice, together with Stewart Hill. Also on the bill is Hungarian producer of exquisite melodies and heavy-duty off-kilter beats Dnte. We’re giving away 2×2 guest list passes and 2 of Noel’s album to the first people to write to us at indieberlin indieplattform (yes, that’s 2 t’s, don’t ask).

The Fucking Minutes ROCK! – Indieberlin Nods in Time

Last wednesday the Dublin trio The Minutes surprised patrons at the Comet Club in Kreuzberg.
After a rather disappointing support act from “the Leash”, The Minutes performed effortlessly and blemish-free. Demonstrating their expert knowledge of the German language with a passionate “dankedankedankedanke”, they merrily cursed the crowd and spat on the stage.

Blood Red Shoes in Postbahnhof tonight!

The Blood Red Shoes are a two piece made up of guitar and drums. They plow the alternative rock furrow with strangely poignant vocals, catchy melodies and a bit of the old soft-to-loud thing.

Indieberlin Song of the Day

Cold Specks is Al Spx, a 23-year-old London-based Canadian singer who sounds a whole helluva lot older than her years. “Doom Soul” for the soul. But in a nice way.

Del Castillo Live in Lido – Indieberlin is in the Crowd

After a sunny weekend not relaxing in the park like everybody else but labouring hard in and on a van I was aching and not really feeling in the best physical state to go to a concert. Despite cuts and aches I managed to drag myself onto the old bicycle and got down to Lido, not Lidl, just in time for the start of Del Castillo’s set.

Delta Love in Antje Oeklesund – Indieberlin Bobs About

On the way through the pitch black abandoned backyard, just as it seemed unclear whether this was the right way to the venue, or the right place to be mugged, there appeared a dim light at the end of the tunnel, the cosy entrance to Antje Oklesund.