Damien Jurado veröffentlicht den Weihnachtssong “Kalla Hus”

Damien Jurado gehört zu den großen Fans der Weihnachtszeit und so ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass er nun seinen ersten Weihnachtssong geschrieben hat. Er heißt “Kalla Hus” und wurde mit dem Musiker Kyle Zantos aus Seattle aufgenommen, Sam Anderson hat die Streicherparts beigesteuert. Das Video mit Randall A. Walker wurde von Christopher Harrel gedreht. Neben dem sehr stimmungsvollen Video gibt es “Kalla Hus” auch als freien Download und kann somit in die Weihnachtsplaylist für dieses Jahr mit aufgenommen werden.

indieberlin 8tracks mix breaks through the 500 listener mark

Just a couple of weeks after celebrating our anniversary – one year of weekly indieberlin 8tracks mixes – we’re very happy to announce that our latest mix, chosen as always by indieberlin selector Norman Z, has broken through the 500 plays barrier after only 3 days of being up! So thanks to everyone for checking our mixes out and here is Mr. 500:

Indieberlin´s Third December 2012 Mix from Indieberlin on 8tracks Radio.

Cargo Records autctions rare vinyl test pressings for charity

Cargo Records is mainly a label and distributor, but they’ve also been running a vinyl pressing plant on the side, for among others Sub Pop, Roadrunner Records and Nuclear Blast. And with every vinyl pressing there’s always a test pressing – and so through the years a whole load of these have mounted up in the Cargo Records offices. Now Cargo have decided to auction off a whole load of these extremely rare test pressings on ebay.

Live review – Quixote last week at Antje Oeklesund

Through the darkened wasteland and inside the burrows of Antje Oeklesund a small crowd gathered early. Dorothy Of The Day took to the stage, fittingly wearing red boots like all Dorothys should. No one dared ask if she’d stolen them from a witch, and in any case, her a cappella set was enough to gloss over any charges of witchicide.

Live Review – Echo Me, Karl Neukauf and Hans Rohe in the suburbs

An extremely high standard of control over his voice, hitting very high notes and tumbling way down into the bass and then fluttering back up again without missing a trick. His guitar playing and songwriting are equally assured. I was impressed when I heard the album (a more electric affair, recorded with a full band), and now seeing him live I have no doubt at all that Echo Me is going to be a name on everybody’s lips before too long.

Lasse Matthiessen – ihr habt gefragt – Lasse hat euch geantwortet

Das indieberlin user interview mit Lasse Matthiessen –

ihr konntet uns eure Fragen schicken und Lasse hat diese beantwortet – hier kommt der erste Teil “Eures indieberlin Interviews” mit Lasse Matthiessen.
Viel Spass…… Ach und ja – wir haben eure deutschen und englischen Fragen im Original belassen – aber das kennt ihr ja bereits von uns :o))

Live Review – Tammy Ingram last week in Roter Salon

Tammy left her rock band behind in Australia and while changing the backdrop decided it was also a good time for a change of musical style, shedding the rock chick thing for something a little more acoustic-based, but with a backing band consisting of double bass, drums and a trumpeter, with Tammy on hollow-body electric, the somewhat acoustic feel still had its share of rocky moments.

Album review – Where Did Nora Go

When Astrid Nora came to start work on this, her new album, she was at the point where it felt right to go back to the instrument that she’d played growing up – the cello. As luck would have it she was also at this point introduced to the production team of Henrik Marstal & Kasper Rasmussen. It turned out that Marstal also grew up with the cello, and this happy coincidence is what has created the beautiful collection of pieces that have ended up being Where Did Nora Go.

win 2×2 tickets for tomorrow’s Pinky’s Peepshow – 05.12.12

Get Ready Pinky’s People!

Cause we’re in for a wild ride this month with a whole bunch of international Super-Starlets and one of a kind acts from all over the globe! We will be kicking off the holiday season TOMORROW at the Bassy Club with another fabulous Lineup

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Türchen Nr. 2 – Chuck Ragan & The Revival Tour

Heute wollen wir Euch ein tolles Livevideo von “Chuck Ragan & The Revival Tour” vorstellen. Chuck Ragan kennt man ja von der Band “Hot Water Musik” und alle Jahre wieder holt er sich ein paar Freunde auf die Bühne und spielt tolle Akustikkonzerte.

indieberlin advent calendar – we give you a song for every day of December

Indieberlin freut sich riesig auf Weihnachten und läutet am heutigen 1. Dezember traditonell den Countdown mit dem “Indieberlin Adventskalender” ein! Wir öffnen für Euch jeden Tag ein kleines “Türchen” und stellen Euch z.B. tolle Videos, kostenlose Alben oder kleine Geschenkideen für Weihnachten vor

Review – Lasse Mathiessen in the Roter Salon last Sunday night

In the Roter Salon on Sunday Lasse Mathiessen gave in a stellar performance.
We’d been looking forward to the gig for a while and neither Lasse nor show-opener Tammy Ingram disappointed. Lasse looks remarkably like Joaquin Phoenix playing Johnny Cash: And the Cash-analogies don’t stop there: Lasse stands there in a shirt and light blue suit, and he gives off on stage a solidity in classic Cash style.

indieberlin recommends – tonight – Lasse Mathiessen and Tammy Ingram live in Roter Salon

This is one we’ve been looking forward to for a while: Lasse Mathiessen (Radio Eins “Newcomer of the Year” in 2009) describes his music as folk-pop, and that’s pretty accurate as long as with the “pop” you think less “fluffy” and more “hooks”. There are similarities to Nick Drake and other folkies of this vein, but Lasse manages to make his songs, with delicate arrangements put in place with his acoustic band, definitel modern.