indieberlin’s new series: Proposing Situations by Nico Fidalgo

Do you find yourself doing the same things all the time, following the same path down the same streets, going by default to the same bar, ending up with the same perspectives because you wear a groove into the world and at some point lose your freshness?
In this, the first of our new series of Proposing Situations by Nico Fidalgo, we give you a new idea every week of how to do something completely different, see the world from a different perspective, just shake things up.

The History Of Colour TV album release – and we have 2 tickets to give to YOU!

Cranky Booking presents The History of Colour TV’s album release at Antje Oeklesund on the 26th January.

This is gonna be a night to remember, with Infants opening the show and DJs Julia and Miroslawa keeping things cooking late into the night.
The show starts at 10 and if you want to be where’s it at, then we might have tickets for you… email us at and with a bit of luck we’ll send you and your charming entourage to Antje ….

Album Review // Ducktails: The Flower Lane

Ducktails -The Flower Lane (Domino Records)

Ducktails’ fourth album, The Flower Lane, is a lofty dream with a pop-themed soundtrack – featuring strong guitar, soft vocals and several tracks reminescant of Matthew Mondanile’s other pursuit- Real Estate.

indieberlin im Interview mit der Elektro-Powerfrau Trullesand

Woher kommt der Name Trullesand/ Wofür steht er?

Trullesand ist eine Romanfigur aus „Die Aula“ von Hermann Kant. Wir hatten das Buch in der Schule. Eines der wenigen Male, dass mich etwas in der Schule interessiert hat. Trullesand ist der beste Freund des Ich-Erzählers: er ist schlau, herzlich und urkomisch. Alles Attribute, die selbstverständlich auch auf mich zutreffen!

Wie würdest Du jemandem Deine Musik beschreiben, der keine elektronische Musik kennt?

Gibt es Leute, die keine elektronische Musik kennen? Elektronische Musik ist die Musik des Jetzt. Wenn in 100 Jahren auf die Musik von heute geschaut wird, dann ist die elektronische Musik ganz klar die herausragendste Strömung. Weil sie zum Zeitgeist passt: sie ist in Echtzeit veränderbar; durch sie öffnet sich ein Pool an Kreativität, der früher unvorstellbar war.

Von Hause aus bin ich auch eher ein Rockmädchen. Meine Lieblingsband ist z.B. Rage Against The Machine und zwar deshalb, weil sie rhythmisch virtuos sind und ungeheure Energie ausstrahlen – und Trullesand ist ebenso kraftvoll, nur eben auf elektronische Art.

Not to miss: Trixie Trainwreck record release party at Bassy this Saturday

Write to us at and win two free tickets for the night of nights at the Bassy Club this Saturday.

Saturday night at the Bassy Cowboy Club in Mitte Berlin underground darling Trixie Trainwreck is hosting the release party for her debut album Hard Workin’ Girl. Trixie is of course a Berlin underground darling because she’s also Trinity Sarratt – long-time singer of the Kamikaze Queens, the most exciting punk cabaret band to emerge from Berlin since….oh, yes. Ever.

live review – echo me and foyn trio in antje oeklesund 3rd January

i turned up last night to Antje Oeklesund to see Echo Me and Foyn Trio play. When you arrive at the number on the street there’s nothing to intimate that there might be one of the most talked-about venues in town here – it’s like old-school East Berlin, you just walk through the doorway into the darkness, and it’s only when you reach the first darkened courtyard that there is one single grave light to tell you that you might not be hopelessly lost after all.

Or are you?

Into the second hof and there is a tree strung up like it’s xmas still, and aha! We find the entrance. Down the steps and into the venue, and it’s 100% 90s Berlin, before the time when the venues decided that it would be a great idea if they tried to mimic the gentrification they saw on the streets outside.

There was a nice crowd, impressive for the fact that it’s cold, rainy and the 3rd of January. I tell the barman that I’ll have a nice alcahol-free beer thank you, new years resolution and all that. He gives me that skew-whiff look and laughs and says okay. He’s a nice guy – nice enough that he doesn’t laugh too hard when I go back twenty minutes later for a real beer. Ah, those resolutions.

Free tickets to win – Ichbinpop presents the first of their Nordlicht Klub concert series on 3rd January – win tickets!

This is how ichbinpop, echo me and foyn trio are celebrating the new bakhtun: Yes, there’s someone else who’s not allowing the fact that it’s the beginning of January and everyone’s sitting at home full of good resolutions and hangovers to thwart their party ambitions – no, the boys and girls from Ichbinpop and Für Records have decided to choose no less bold a date than the 3rd of January to kick off their new Nordlicht Klub concert series, with one of our absolutely favourite artists Echo Me and a brilliant new – or at least new to these shores – Norwegian act, Foyn Trio.

And we have 1×2 tickets to give away – so if you’re not afraid of braving the early January early -Januaryness, just write to us at and with a bit of luck you’re on the guest list.

Lonski and Classen and the soul of independent Berlin

Salon Remise is one of those locations that thrives on its hiddenness: There’s very little information on the website (including where the fuck it is) and it warns darkly: „Entrance by invitation only“. It’s so far off the main strip that you get that comfortable feeling that only those in the know would even be aware of its existence. In short, the place is perfect for a Lonski and Classen concert.

Foyn Trio from Norway releases debut album in Germany at Antje Oeklesund on 3rd January

They inhabit the territory between jazz and improv pop. And if that sounds like it should be pop and improv jazz, actually their improvisational feeling seems more to have its roots in the pop side of their sound – although they’re very obviously originally from the jazz field, one has the impression that it was probably only when they started going in the pop direction that their imagination was allowed free reign, as upside down as that may strike you. Now they keep the jazz feel but make heavy use of loop pedals and electronics to give their sound its unique touch.

I still don’t get moustaches.

Moustaches. Do you get them? I don’t. I just don’t. I never got them. Now a beard, I mean a reasonable one, I can dig. I’ve even got one on my face, and it’s been living there quietly for some number of years now. We get along. There’s something about moustaches that, at least to my nice western sensibility, seems like a really bad stab at proving some kind of machismo, some kind of manliness. Now maybe it’s just me, but when a guy makes a point of letting just the hair on the top of his lip grow and cutting off all the rest of it, that somehow doesn’t necessarily scream “Real Man” at me. It just looks like a guy who let the hair on the top of his lip grow and not the rest of it. Where does the manliness come in? You? Do you get it?

Geschenk zum Fest von PDR – ehemals Punk‘ d Royal, aus Düsseldorf

Pünktlich zum Weihnachtsfest verschenken PDR einen Song von ihrem Album “On A Whim”, was am 25. Januar erscheinen wird. Vom 24. – 26.12. kann man sich “Hold On” via Soundcloud kostenlos herunterladen. Den Link dazu gibt es schon jetzt und er wird pünktlich am 24.12. um 0 Uhr frei geschaltet.

Damien Jurado veröffentlicht den Weihnachtssong “Kalla Hus”

Damien Jurado gehört zu den großen Fans der Weihnachtszeit und so ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass er nun seinen ersten Weihnachtssong geschrieben hat. Er heißt “Kalla Hus” und wurde mit dem Musiker Kyle Zantos aus Seattle aufgenommen, Sam Anderson hat die Streicherparts beigesteuert. Das Video mit Randall A. Walker wurde von Christopher Harrel gedreht. Neben dem sehr stimmungsvollen Video gibt es “Kalla Hus” auch als freien Download und kann somit in die Weihnachtsplaylist für dieses Jahr mit aufgenommen werden.

indieberlin 8tracks mix breaks through the 500 listener mark

Just a couple of weeks after celebrating our anniversary – one year of weekly indieberlin 8tracks mixes – we’re very happy to announce that our latest mix, chosen as always by indieberlin selector Norman Z, has broken through the 500 plays barrier after only 3 days of being up! So thanks to everyone for checking our mixes out and here is Mr. 500:

Indieberlin´s Third December 2012 Mix from Indieberlin on 8tracks Radio.