Neues Lied von Bill Ryder Jones mit Video

Schon auf dem letzten Album seiner ehemaligen Band The Coral machte es sich bemerkbar, dass in Bill Ryder-Jones ein Komponist und Arrangeur steckt. Um diesen Talenten nachzugehen, verließ er 2008 nach zwölf Jahren die Band und schrieb das orchestrale “If…” – einen imaginären Soundtrack zum post-modernen Roman If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller von Italo Calvino.

Nun meldet sich Bill Ryder-Jones mit einem neuen Album zurück. Auf “A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart” (VÖ. 05. 04. 2013) vereint er seine kompositorischen Fähigkeiten mit seinen Qualitäten als Singer-Songwriter.

indieberlin checks out Ian Fisher at Privatclub and has a chat with the man

So as my first venture here as a new resident of Berlin, I got myself down to Privatclub on the very trendy if somewhat under-lit Skalitzer Straße. My mission was to see and interview US-born folk-country singer Ian Fisher, who through his stints living in both Vienna and Berlin has carved out quite the fan base here in Germany.
The outfit consists of Fisher and his compadre Ryan Carpenter who delivered a set of their brand of folk-country music. I must say I’m immediately pre-disposed against singer-songwriters – in my hometown of London they are a dime a dozen, spouting disposable acoustic trite lacking in any enduring or particularly distinguishing quality. Fisher is different, with well-written songs, an inherently stirring voice and an ear-catching country ‘twang’ to his chord progressions.

Album Review // Ascetic: Self Initiation

Australian-based trio, Ascetic:, has created a refreshing yet familiar sound. The band’s debut album mixes moody vocals and blends it with a pulsing rhythm and heavy percussion, obviously influenced by Joy Division. Sultry crooning and drawn-out instrumentals aren’t something that are new to the music scene, yet Acsetic: makes it something slightly original in a way you can’t quite describe.

Tix für euch: Die nächste Runde Nordlicht Klub mit Betting On The Mouse und Mount Rushmore Safari

Die Nordlichter haben die Sounds und wir die Tickets für Euch! Am Dienstag, den 12. März startet wieder eine neue Runde des Nordlicht Klubs. Die Bands Betting On The Mouse und Mount Rushmore Safari geben ihre Show im Aufsturz in Mitte zum besten.

Ihr Debüt-Album „Desert Of Wasted Plants“ haben BOTM 2012 erfolgreich veröffentlicht. Nun sind sie mit den skandinavischen Sounds im Nordlicht Klub unterwegs. Martha Marie Skou ist die Sängerin der Band Betting On The Mouse und begeistert ihre Zuhörer mit einer zerbrechlichen und gleichzeitig kraftvollen leidenschaftlichen Stimme, die den Liedern immer eine gewisse Dramatik abverlangt und so die Zuschauer in ihren Bann zieht.

Eine weitere Perle des dänischen indie Rocks sind Mount Rushmore Safari. Die Band hat ebenfalls 2012 ihr Debüt-Album herausgebracht und sich mit Tourneen schon in die Herzen seines Publikums gespielt. Musikalisch orientieren sich die Musiker an ihren Vorblidern aus dem 80ies Rock / Pop: The Smiths, New Order oder The Cure.

Wir freuen uns ganz besonders auf das Konzert im Aufsturz in Berlin-Mitte und da wir Euch das nicht vorenthalten möchten, haben wir einige Tix für Euch! Mailt uns einfach unter win@indieberlin „Nordlicht Klub“ und mit etwas Glück steht Ihr plus Eure Begleitung so mir nichts dir nichts auf der Gästeliste!

Review // Doldrums: Lesser Evil

Doldrums – Lesser Evil (Arbutus Records)

Last year Doldrums, a.k.a Airick Woodhead, told me that his plan was to lock himself in his bedroom, light a bunch of candles and make some music; which sounds like exactly what he did. Though it takes some sort of an euphoric trip to another realm, Lesser Evil is definitely a more complete sound than previous musings.

Leash release their debut album on the 2nd March in aboutblank

1×2 tickets to win at
Leash are a Berlin-based quartet who have been shaking and moving for the last couple of years to everyone’s evident pleasure. With both feet planted squarely in the electro rock vibe, they stick their heads and various parts of their many-limbed torso into various other territories to take a sniff around. With being chosen as a popmonitor band of the month, being played on Radio Fritz and Radio Eins, as well as providing music both for a Coca-Cola ad and soundtrack the film “Little Thirteen”, the lads are busy, and they’re pushing back the barriers. One more barrier is pushed back with the releasing of their debut album We Need to Talk, with attendant release party on ://about blank on the 2nd March with able support from the supreme Nina Hynes and other yet to be announced special guests.

10 Fail-Safe Ways to Increase/ Engage With Your Fan base

Here are 10 fail-safe ways to increase / engage with your fanbase by pulling from fans that you already know and have who trust and like you!

1. Get serious about your newsletter.

Use or and send your newsletter one time per month. Track your effectiveness by monitoring your open rates.

2. Mine your inbox and outbox for names and addresses to add.

Ask all of your friends if it’s OK to add them to your list, otherwise you might be considered a spammer.

3. Bring a clipboard to each and every live appearance.

Invite people onto your mailing list with a raffle or giveaway from stage, and collect e-mail addresses. During your performance, hold the CD up on stage and than give it away, you’ve just inserted a full commercial into your set without feeling “salesy” and you’ve excited one of your fans by giving them a gift.

4. Include a special offer on your home page with a free exclusive MP3 or video.

Use the Reverbnation Fan Collector or Free Download widgets to deliver it.

Indieberlin talks to: Ducktails

Matt Mondanile seems to have a lot going on these days. Other than being part of the dreamy lo-fi band Real Estate, he also spends a lot of his time working on this solo project, Ducktails. In the beginning of this side-project, no real direction seemed to be followed, and many were confused about which genre or vision he was going with. Recently I caught up with Matt to get a better idea of what his intentions are..

The Sweet Serenades new video Run Run Run – they’re in Berlin on the 2nd – watch this space!

1991 in einem Niemandsland-Dorf im nördlichen Schweden. Dem kleinen, übergewichtigen Martin läuft ein unbekannter, verwirrter Junge über den Weg. „What’s your name?“ / „Martin. What’s yours?“ / „Mathias. Wanna play?“ / „Yeah.“
So beginnt die Geschichte zweie Fast-Brüder, die elf Jahre später The Sweet Serenades gründen. Über
100 shows haben sie seitdem alleine in schwedischen Gefängnissen (!) gespielt. Die ungeduldigen Insassen verlassen sofort den Raum, wenn ihnen ein Song nicht passt. Für Martin und Mathias gibt es keine bessere Methode, ihr Songwriting zu verbessern.

indieberlin review – Unknown Mortal Orchestra last week in Prince Charles, Berlin

There was nothing unknown about this band that cold Friday night when the part New Zealand part American band took over Prince Charles in Kreuzberg.

The show – the band’s first ever German gig – was quickly sold out, and optimistic concertgoers were not afraid of the long line forming outside or the freezing cold – if that meant scoring a ticket. This was apparently the place to be this evening.

And there, among the fashionable audience and dimmed lights, Ruban Nielsen and his two band mates made everyone’s night a little warmer.

The band played a variety of material from both their debut and newly released follow-up //, as well as throwing in a few ‘very, very old songs’, as the front man put it. An hour and a half of amazing music.

indieberlin review – Von Wegen Lisbeth in Junction Bar last Wednesday

Von Wegen Lisbeth are one of a breed of new Berlin bands. Young, hungry, not fooled by the bullshit, singing, thank God, in German, they’ve grown up in what everyone has finally found out is the coolest city in the Western world, they’ve soaked it all in, they’ve watched it all go down, they want to say their piece, and they have both the language and the determination to do so.

1×2 free tickets for Trixie Whitley – 25.02. @ Fritz Club / Postbahnhof

Trixie Whitley is a musical wunderkind par excellence.

Born in Belgium to a musician father and moving to New York at a year old, Trixie learnt to play her first instrument, the drums, at 10. At 11 she was touring Europe with various theatre companies and by the time she was 14 she toured as an actor, singer, dancer and musician with „Les Ballets C de la B“. through the same period Trixie became known as the youngest resident DJ in Europe, spinning records at raves, festivals and parties in Brussels, Paris, NY and Amsterdam.

This year sees Trixie touring Europe with her own material for the first time and we’re very happy to announce that she is playing on

Monday in Postbahnhof and that we have two tickets to give away at

indieberlin interview with Martin Kleid

Martin Kleid – four charismatic dudes from Italy. They’re thinking big and so it should be no surprise that they’re heading for Berlin.

We had a cyber chat with Martin Kleid and asked them everything you want to know.
Check it out.

What would you like to be the first feeling people have when listening to your music?

The feeling we would like people to have is “interest”. We like to create melodies that go straight to the ear and brain of the audience. Our songs could make people dance, bring them far from where they are or just give a shock of energy, and we try to do it in the easiest way…try to capture the audience’s attention.

Free Tickets to Nordlich Klub with Death Valley Sleepers and Den Fjerde Væg, 20.02. @ Privatclub

The Nordlicht Klub is the brainchild of Berlin-based label Für Records who specialise in bringing Scandi bands to Germany and every now and then reversing the process.

They nearly always hit the mark and with these two bands they continue to hit the bullseye: Snappily titled band Den Fjerde Væg and cheerily named Death Valley Sleepers perform at this month’s Nordlicht Klub in the newly relocated Privatclub on Skalitzer Strasse.

DVS do the classic shoegazer noise pop thing while the DFV (initialising not at all cos I don’t want to try and have to spell that again) are more breezy pop in Danish. Both are worth checking out and Für Records and their concert series Nordlicht continue to not disappoint in their self-proclaimed mission of bringing you „the Scandinavian Sound in Town“.

Free tickets? Glad you asked. We have two and they’re yours for a smile:

indieberlin has free tickets for Lord Huron in Roter Salon this Tuesday

1×2 Freikarten unter!
Lord Huron bringt den Wilden Westen zurück in den Folk. Gleichzeitig ist das Projekt von Ben Schneider ein ausgefuchstes Spiel um Identität, Sehnsucht und Musik. Denn Schneider, der Lord Huron gegründet und zunächst als Solo-Projekt bestritten hat, stammt aus Michigan und den Ufern des Lake Huron. Eine Reise aus seiner neuen Heimat Los Angeles an den namensgebenden See war es auch, die ihn zu den ersten Songs inspirierte. Tief verwurzelt in Americana lebt die leichtfüßige Musik im harmonischen Chorgesang des Folk, dem akustischen Akkorden der Gitarre, den schwebenden Arrangements. Gleichzeitig geht es in den Texten um die großen romantischen Mythen des Westens, die weiten Wälder, die Berggipfel und die tief empfundene Liebe.

indieberlin live review – Anatopia at Madame Claude’s

I like Madame Claude’s. If you arrive early you get to sit in a doll house. It’s cosy with your girl or good friends. And I never get tired of the ceiling. Apparently Madame Claude lives upside down. She has bookshelves and tables and slippers and they all hang from the ceiling. Even the clocks are inverted, their mechanisms too. (You never see Madame Claude walking around, though). Beers are cheap and the entrance is variable, according to the size of your pockets and generosity.