The Jezabels play Berlin Postbahnhof – Indieberlin reviews

On first impression, the Jezabels’ sound might situate itself within the epic power-pop-ballad genre of the ’80s, with their thundering rock drums, galloping rhythms, emotive vocals and guitar riffs, and keyboards adding to the rich visual soundscapes their music creates. There is also something in there from the ’00s, and something that’s hard to put a finger on… a likeness to some other band whose name escapes the memory.

Wir checken Eure Künstler-Verträge

Hi – Du hälst einen Vertrag in den Händen – glücklich aber unwissend? Lass ihn von unseren Vertragspartnern checken und Dich über mögliche Fallen oder Knebelklauseln aufklären. Dafür erstellen wir einen unentgeltlichen Kostenvoranschlag.

Berlin for Beginners – Music instrument shops

Hi again! this is Noel Maurice with the blog for people who’ve just turned up in Berlin and need a hand finding things: this blog we’re talking about music instrument shops, for the musicians among us.