Brilliant new song and video The Way by Bunny Suit (ex-Quixote) – who play in Grüner Salon on the 13th – and we have tickets to win!

With a new band name, a slightly adjusted line-up and a whole choir of Gregorian monks hiding somewhere in the shadows, Bunny Suit’s new song The Way and video blew me away when I heard and saw it, and that’s something that happens extremely rarely. Bunny Suit is possibly the best band playing in Berlin at the moment and they’re live in Grüner Salon on the 13th – this Saturday – and we’ve got some tickets to win…write to and say something clever, go on.

Rue Royale played last sunday at Privatclub – we were there and will let you know all about it

So Rue Royale played last Sunday night at “Privatclub”, supported by Jonas David and Josh Beech. The charismatic Josh Beech and his drummer started the show and played a really charming combination of melancholic verses and surprisingly hard beats and guitar riffs.

Wow! They sounded great but couldn’t get the crowd moving, some were even chatting during the show and all the others seemed to be sort of tired. Well, maybe it was really just due to the fact that it was Sunday evening… Anyway, while the two were still playing, Josh jumped down the stage and left the scene. Quite an original leaving, though we were actually quite surprised that the show was already over.

indieberlin talks to Turboweekend who play in Privatclub on the 12th April

indieberlin: Hi Silas, how are you doing?
Turboweekend: Hi, I’m fine thanks.

ib: So Silas, you’re off on tour again in support of the new album Fault Lines – how many dates are on the tour?

tw: Quite a few….twenty in april alone.

ib: Tell me, do you tour outside europe much?

tw: This tour it’s only europe, we’ve played also a couple of times in england I think…

ib: You think…?

tw: (laughs)…er, no, we definitely played there. Once in London, once in Liverpool.

ib: And how is england for playing, a lot of bands find the UK promotors hard work.

tw: Yes – the UK’s such a bottleneck.

Album Review // Bleached : Ride Your Heart

Everyone’s favourite dreamy post-punk babes, Bleached, released their debut full-length album this week via Dead Oceans/Cargo Records. Jessica and Jennifer Claven (yes, sisters) were initially part of the band Mika Miko, and left to develop their own sound and have more control over their work.

Indieberlin recommends // April shows:

Living in Berlin, there is always an intimidating list of shows to attend. The seemingly endless possibilities make it insanely hard to choose one thing to decide on for a night out, but we decided to help you out. These are a few of the shows we recommend you attend over the next month. Enjoy!

Arkells this Thursday in Magnet Club – loud and proud

So this Thursday heralds the arrival of Candian group Arkells into Berlin, bringing with them their brand of hooky, dynamic and frankly f**king loud indie rock. They’ll be playing Magnet club in Kreuzberg so expect a night of sweaty fun – the musical kind.

Indieberlin talks to: TEEN

Brooklyn-based band, TEEN, have a musical ability unlike many other artists. Other than being individually talented, the four band members (three are sisters), seem to merge together to form a instrumental-laden superpower. Heavy rhythm, expressive vocals and a hint of pyschedelics create a near to perfect sound. Recently the girls came to Berlin to play at the Comet Club, and I dropped by to have a chat with the lead singer, Teeny, and drummer/vocalist, Katherine.

Eamonn Dowd – classic foot stomping garage country rock in Intersoup and St. Gaudy this week

Irsh country rocker Eamonn Dowd will play two solo/acoustic shows in Berlin this week. He’s playing Intersoup, Schliemannstraße 31 on Wednesday April 3rd (9pm) and St Gaudy, Gaudystraße 1 10437 on Thursday 4th (8.30pm)

Since the early 90’s Dowd has being bringing his fiery brand of americana / country / rock n roll to audiences throughout Europe, the US and Canada. Along the way he released seven albums as well as a slew of limited edition lathe-cut 45’s and even a cassette album.

indieberlin speaks with Boho Dancer – Read our interview and win their Vinyl “Furry Skin”

Boho dancers perform on good friday at Privatclub in Kreuzberg. Their sound is Scandinavian, the music fragile yet powerful, their vibes enormous and their hearts seem to be very big.

So hear what they have to say, win their Vinyl “Furry skin” by writing something furry to – and go see their concert!

ib: Through Nordlicht Klub we have lately met a couple of very good scandinavian Bands. Do you think there is such a thing as scandinvian sound(s)? There is definitely a nordic sound that you hear a lot through bands from Scandinavia. The sound is usually very melancholic and intimate – especially in the kind of folk we our selves play.

Show review // The Frowning Clouds

It would be an understatement to say that 60’s rock-inspired group, The Frowning Clouds, have a sound to be envious of. Smoothly written lyrics are combined with swirling melodies and fuzzy guitar to evoke a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Rebellious garage-pop isn’t a new concept, but they definitely do it well.

indieberlin im Interview mit Jesse Cole

Der Berliner Musiker Jesse Cole hat mit uns über Rock’n’Roll, die Inspiration der Musik und über seinen Weg aus der Dunkelheit zurück ins helle Bühnenlicht gesprochen.

ib: Wie würdest Du jemandem Deine Musik beschreiben, der noch kein Stück von Dir gehört hat?

Nun ich würde sagen: schließe deine Augen und höre genau auf den Text und die Melody, dann wirst du all meinen Schmerz, meine Freude, meine Niederschläge und Erfolge, mein Leben und mich kennen lernen. Von der Stilrichtung her würde ich von den Meisten in die Richtung Country eingeordnet werden. Aber es ist eben nicht nur Country, sondern auch Folk, Rock, Blues und Rock`n`Roll und auch irische Einschläge.

Show review // Brothers and Bones

The newly re-opened PrivatClub on Skalitzerstrasse is becoming a local hotspot for newly discovered bands and established music scenesters. Within the historic Wye building, the club has been attracting a mixed group with it’s subtle decor and strong schedule of artists. Last week I stopped by to check out UK-based band Brothers and Bones on the first leg of their debut German tour.

indieberlin review: Miss Laura Bean kicks it up live at Bassy Club

So I got myself down to Bassy club on the border of Prenzlauer Berg to follow up a gig invitation from Laura Bean, performing with her new country/bluegrass project The Vagabonds. I’m a huge fan of that sort of music, spending far too many hours watching it on youtube, so the prospect of seeing it live in the flesh had me very excited indeed.

Gewinnt 2×2 Tickets für ein Clubkonzert der coolen Mademoiselle ZAZ im Heimathafen Neukölln am 06. Mai

Frankreichs Ausnahmetalent ZAZ veröffentlicht im kommenden Mai ihr heißersehntes zweites Studioalbum und wird dieses im Rahmen einer exklusiven Clubtour in ausgewählten Venues in Hamburg, Berlin, Köln und München präsentieren!

DIE einmalige Gelegenheit, diese großartige Künstlerin im kleinen, sehr intimen Rahmen erleben zu können und ein besonderer “appetizer” von ZAZ für ihre Fans bevor sie im Sommer wieder die großen Festivalbühnen bespielen wird!

Und wir schicken zwei von euch mit Begleitung hin – also mailt und schnell an und sagt uns ZAZ – bien sûre!

Gewinnt 1×2 Tickets für Adam Evald im Antje Oeklesund am Karfreitag

Ab 27.03 wird Adam Evald auf NORDLICHT KLUB Tour sein und zusammen Artificial Brothers durch Cottbus, Dresden, Berlin und Magdeburg ziehen und seine erste Solo EP vorstellen. Wir freuen uns schon auf Konzert und EP, denn was für uns das BEsondere an Adam Evald ist? In Deutschland bisher als Frontman von FOREST & CRISPIAN in Erscheinung getreten und hat im Februar mit dieser Band auf Tour sein Publikum in jeder Stadt begeistert. Adam ist nicht einfach nur ein Ausnahmemusiker, sondern auch ein besonders charismatischer und authentischer Entertainer – weswegen die Konzerte von einer zauberhaften Atmosphäre geprägt sind.

Wir feiern das Auftakt-Konzert am Karfreitag im Antje Okelsund und deswegen sollt ihr das auch nicht missen müssen! Wir haben Tickets für euch – mailt uns wie immer auf skandinavisch oder wahlweise europäisch an …

Philipp Poisel live @ Tempodorm 19.03.13 – indieberlin gig review

Equipped with a rich, layered, and beautifully haunting voice, breakout artist Philipp Poisel took the stage at the Tempodrom in Berlin Tuesday Night, playing an almost three hour show for a sold out crowd of enthusiastic and thoroughly engaged fans.

I must admit that I didn´t know much about Philipp Poisel before going into this show. I recently moved to Germany from New York City, but thanks to my obsession with music charts from around the world, I´d been listening for months to “ Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen”, which spent most of last year in the top 10 on the German Music Charts (Philipp had three top ten songs within the same year). I was familiar with his visceral musical storytelling and tonight´s inspired concert confirmed his unique ability to communicate through music, a universal language.

Mount Rushmore Safari – we went to their concert in Aufsturz and listened to their album Elba

So I got myself down to the Aufsturz club in Oranienburger Strasse this week to catch Danish band Mount Rushmore Safari on their Berlin date of a European tour. Despite the modest crowd in attendance, MRS delivered a defiant set. It is difficult to identify their genre when playing live, lying equidistant between punk and indie. Certainly they play with the brazen attitude and ferocity of a punk band, with lead singer Andreas Sorgenfrei, dressed curiously in a mod suit complimented by appropriate lamb chops sideburns.

The brilliant Brothers and Bones more live than most on Tuesday in Privatclub

Write to for 1×2 free tickets to the Brothers and Bones gig on Tuesday in Privatclub!
On Tuesday we welcome to our fair city Brother and Bones on the first date of their German tour!
The band has been making huge splashes across their homeland of England and one needs only to check out their youtube channel to see why; mixing catchy folk music ala Mumford & Sons with a turbocharged stage show guaranteed to get you stompin’! On the night expect big, anthemic choruses delivered with the brash energy usually seen in hair-gyrating metal bands. Not one for the faint-hearted!

Indieberlin recommends // March shows:

Living in Berlin, there is always an intimidating list of shows to attend. The seemingly endless possibilities make it insanely hard to choose one thing to decide on for a night out, but we decided to help you out. These are a few of the shows we recommend you attend over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Francis International Airport debut album hits home

Rohe krautrockaffine Elektronik trifft auf überlebensgroße japanische Dreampop Synths. Im ersten Song, zum am 3. Mai erscheinenden Album “CACHE“, treiben uns Francis International Airport mit einer nervös zuckenden Orgel durch Paranoia erfüllte Alpträume bis auch der letzte Knochen zappelt und die Tanzfläche in Flammen steht. „The bones are shaking wild, don’t turn the lights off tonight”.