Review: Micachu and the Shapes 11th August in Festsaal Kreuzberg

Micachu and the Shapes are probably best described as a naturally divisive band. Upon first glance you could be forgiven thinking that they represent just another tiresome scene group. After all, they wouldn’t be the first to attempt to achieve novelty by distorting rhythm, eschewing choruses, throwing in vacuum cleaners and then calling the result ‘pop’ music.
The problem is, as time goes by, this scepticism is hard to maintain.

indieberlin recommends – Kitty Solaris in Schokoladen tonight!

Kitty’s erstes offizielles Album “Future Air Hostess” veröffentlichte sie auf ihrem selbst gegründeten Label Solaris Empire und bekam Air-Play auf Radio Eins, Radio Fritz und Motor FM. Seitdem arbeitet sie nicht nur als Musikerin und Labelchefin, sondern organisiert auch die Konzertreihe “Lofi-Lounge” im Berliner Club Schokoladen, wo Sie spielt heute live – highly recommended!!

Alberta Cross Live Tonight in Comet – 2×2 tickets to give away here!

Alberta Cross have supported Oasis, Neil Young, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Mumford And Sons, The Shins, Bat for Lashes, Simian Mobile Disco, and Findlay Brown: And if you’re asking yourself the question why all of these big name bands asked them to open for them, the answer is: That everybody knew that one day they’d be the hottest ticket in town, and wanted to be able to hang on their coattails when their own star had faded, because they knew that Alberta Cross would be standing up strong long after the weaker bands had lain down to die.

Review – Laura Bean live at the Bassy – indieberlin goes a little country

Between songs she works up an easy rapport with the audience and by the third song in has them eating out of her hand. And the thing with Laura Bean is that she’s worldly wise enough to make her Kentucky girl thang both ironic and authentic at the same time (favourite in-between-song comment: “I’m so happy to be in a place where other people can get as excited about fried chicken as I can”).

Micachu and the Shapes in Festsaal Kreuzberg this Saturday

Micachu and the Shapes revolve around musician Mica Levi. While studying as a classical musician in Guildhall, UK, where she had one of her compositions recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – she also DJed around the grime scene in London where she put out a mixtape called Filthy Friends that enlisted the help of the likes of now-famous Ghostpoet and other luminaries of the scene. Concentraing on experimental pop music with her new band the Shapes she recorded their debut album Jewellery with influential electronic musician Matthew Herbert as producer.

indieberlin verschenkt eine Alec Troniq EP des neuen Albums “Pimpernuckel”

Pimpernuckel ist Alec Troniq’s zweite Sommer-EP in 2012. Und sie ist nicht nur heiß und steigert den Appetit nach einer großen Sommer-Party-Nacht, sondern ist mit dem Video zu Pimpernuckel auch einfach das perfekte Stück, um sich für so eine Nacht fertig zu machen. We love it und wollen euch an unserer Liebe teilhaben lassen. Also schreibt uns eine Mail an, wie ihr euch am besten aufs Ausgehen vorbereitet und mit etwas Glück bekommt ihr die “Pimpernuckel” EP von uns geschenkt!

P.S. Im Vinyl ist ein Download-Code für die elektronische Fassung enthalten!

indieberlin Interview with ALEC TRONIQ

Alec Troniq has just brought out his second 2012 EP called “Pimpernuckel”. Like on his recent “Rueffel EP” ALEC TRONIQ had fun with real whistling, playing guitars and making a lotta noises on his own in “Pimpernuckel”. “KKrock” is a remix for KONRAD KUECHENMEISTER, who is globetrotting with his awesome one man live show. “Mumpitz” is a collaboration with Alec’s boogie fellows Schoebel & Meusel. A fresh’n’sunny remix is made by PURPLE DISCO MACHINE who already delivered great remixes e.g. for Raumakustik, but is better known as STEREOFUNK who worked for Bonaparte, Electro Ferris from Deichkind, Fukkk Offf, Philipp Poisel and many more.

Alberta Cross geben exklusives Clubkonzert

Der Schwede Petter Ericson Stakee traf seinen britischen Band Kollegen Terry Wolfers vor sieben Jahren in einem Londoner Pub, als Wolfers den –liebevoll ausgedrückt- etwas „überselbstbewussten“ Stakee vor ärgerlichen Stammgästen retten musste. Das war die Geburtsstunde von Alberta Cross. Seitdem ist das Duo mit seinem Southern-Rock-artigen Sound à la Kings of Leon mit Neil Young anmutendem Blues-Einschlag fester Bestandteil der Rockszene.

Laura Bean at the Great Country Swindle in Bassy this Monday night

Miss Laura Bean hails from Louisville, Kentucky, where Bourbon and Bluegrass were born. A Southern Belle far from home, with one foot in Berlin and the other in LA, Laura Bean is one of the most promising upcoming Roots acts in town. With her new band “Laura Bean & The Spanish Inquisition” Miss Bean has just released a new album which shows us why she’s soon going to be bursting out all over the place…

Quixote – Devil in a Bunny Suit – Album Review

I met Cameron Laing in a bar with red curtains and a tardy sound engineer. We talked about the devil. Before the hour was up we had discussed the conventions of love songs, men with antlers, mean landlords, sinking ships, windmills and rabbit masks, our distance from heaven….you know, the usual kind of things you talk about with a stranger in a bar with red curtains. Not coincidentally, many of these themes are included in Quixote’s debut album: Devil in a Bunny Suit, Angel in a Cocktail Dress.